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So, Norv Turner finally fired up a team to win. Too bad it was the Dallas Cowboys.

The Jimmy Johnson Mafia is so tight you can imagine Cowboys coach Dave Campo urging his team before the game to win one for Norv, a Cowboy done wrong by the Redskins. Forget about University of Miami coach Butch Davis, another brother-in-spurs. I don't think even Barry Switzer will take Dan Snyder's calls.

I thought Terry Robiskie was supposed to be the master motivator. Or, as Deion Sanders referred to him after the loss to the Cowboys, "Coach Robinskie."

How's that for support?

The black players were going to play with a greater sense of urgency for Coach Robosky, it was written in another local newspaper. And Sanders doesn't even know the guy's name?

What a can of worms that turned out to be. Coach Raboosko, a black coach, criticized Jay Leeuwenburg, a white player, for starting a fight with Alonzo Spellman. Leeuwenburg claimed Rabinski's criticism was unfair.

What can we read into that?

The Deion act is so tired now that he should start wearing a clown suit for postgame interviews. That's the problem when you create a persona like Prime Time. When you can back it up, it plays well. When you can't and Deion hasn't this season, not the way he was expected to it is nothing more than a clown show, which is appropriate because the Redskins have become the NFL's circus.

By the way, here's two words of advice to Albert Connell: shut up.

Coach Ribowski was the Redskins' ringmaster Sunday, and it was quite a show. Did you see Jeff George being dragged across the field by his helmet by the Cowboys? Did you notice how none of his teammates ran to his defense?

What a shock. Usually, it has been George's own teammates who want to drag him across the field.

Coach Rybasko declared that George, with his 1-3 record as the starting quarterback, will start the final two games of the season. Another surprise.

Do you think it ever occurred to Rubusko to put Brad Johnson in the Dallas game? Or was he thinking that Dan Snyder would tell him to move his desk into the parking lot, along with the WJLA-TV crew, if he put Johnson in?

If the Redskins keep falling and they could fall for years to come Snyder may have to start paying television stations to cover them. Then again, the owner has become the story, and even when the New York Yankees were at their worst, George Steinbrenner was always interesting. So as long as Snyder continues his self-destruction, there will be those who gleefully will chronicle it.

Not me. As you can see, I'm taking the high road. Snyder's not all bad. When he was charging fans to watch training camp this summer, he was giving them a bargain the best the Redskins would be this year for just $10 a pop.

What a guy.

Steinbrenner is the model used for the ultimate destructive owner, and some may find hope for the future of the Redskins because of the success of the Yankees in the past five years. There has been this spin that Steinbrenner finally let the people who know the business run the show and that was the reason for the rebuilding of the franchise and its continuing success.

Boys and girls, the only reason the Yankees were able to turn things around was because Steinbrenner was suspended for paying Howard Spira to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield.

With Steinbrenner out of the picture, Gene Michael and Buck Showalter were able to build a strong minor-league system. And with each world championship, Joe Torre has been able to build a power base to hold off Steinbrenner. Watch what happens when Torre leaves. Steinbrenner will stop directing traffic in the parking lot and start running the Yankees into the ground again.

So maybe the Redskins' only hope is for Snyder to be suspended. Alas, it looks as if he will only be fined. The NFL may be ready to hit Snyder with a $250,000 fine for not telling the league that he and partner Fred Drasner bought out Mort Zuckerman's 15 percent piece of the franchise.

While the national media was roasting Snyder on Sunday, Art Modell the most vilified owner in football five years ago was being honored for his 40 years in the NFL. Then his Baltimore Ravens beat San Diego 24-3 to clinch a playoff berth.

Remember that preseason marketing war between the Ravens and Redskins? Ravens win.

The roasting will continue. When you are going to stomp as many people as Snyder has, you had better win. And if you are going to get into bed with a guy like Snyder which so many people in this town have done sooner or later, you're going to have to see a doctor.

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