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From a squad leader to a commanding general or admiral, honorable military leaders recognize "the troops always know." In this age of dissembling spin and outright lies the code of the military is simple, behave honorably and show loyalty up and down the chain of command. The greatest tragedy of the 2000 presidential election is the breaking of the faith by Vice President Al Gore with America's protectors.

In their single-minded zealotry to win at any cost, the Democratic ticket has attempted to deny the men and woman serving in dangers path their most precious possession, their vote. All Americans should be outraged by this action, but the military is not surprised. After all, Mr. Gore ignored his own Senate legislation, the "Gore McCain Act" that would stop the proliferation of deadly weapons sold by Russia and China to Iran and Iraq. These weapons can be used to kill U.S. servicemen, and our warriors know of the vice president's sellout of their welfare.

Playing games with military ballots is nothing to the Gore team. The troops know how bad it has become in the Clinton-Gore years and reading now a Gore team legal memo that directly attacks their right to vote is further confirmation of the continuing disrespect held toward them by their next potential commander in chief.

Additionally, beyond disenfranchising the military, all Americans including the media should not be surprised by the ongoing fraud in the national election, especially the unrelenting assault on the rule of law by Al Gore and his team. Like the disdain the vice president had for his own anti-proliferation legislation that foreshadowed his attack on military voting, the vice president's attack on the law was evident early.

On the night of Dec. 12, 1996, President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno just the two of them sat down for a fateful meeting. According to memos and reports that did not surface until 2000 the attorney general in 1996 was under a lot of pressure and her job was on the line unless she stonewalled the appointment of an independent counsel. This ensured the most significant obstruction of justice in a generation.

When we began our investigation of the Clinton-Gore illegal foreign money corruption, we originally thought the administration was trying to protect President Clinton. We were wrong. It seems as if it has always been about Al Gore, who, if elected president, could keep alive the conspiracy to obstruct justice. Therefore, successfully keeping investigators away from Al Gore's acceptance of money from known agents of the People's Republic of China at the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple was critical to Al Gore's presidential viability.

If one believes the "past is prologue," it should come as no surprise that the Gore team would attempt the greatest crime in history stealing a presidential election. In the past, Mr. Gore has already secretly allowed deadly high-tech weapons to flow from Russia and China to Iran and Iraq, and Al Gore has profited politically by using illegal foreign money.

He has accepted money from known PRC agents including one especially onerous character, who has fled the country to China. This despicable individual is Ted Sioeng, a man neck-deep in drugs and thugs. Ted Sioeng is a business partner with the leading heroin dealer in Cambodia and also a business associate with a Triad brothel owner in Macao. As a major donor to Clinton-Gore, this man sat directly at Mr. Gore's side at the Buddhist temple.

Today America is at a significant moment in history will the rule of law prevail, or will we start on a fateful journey where winning becomes everything and the ends justify the means regardless of the consequences?

For our troops in the field and the sailors afloat, the foreshadowing in Act I of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" by a sentinel on a guard's platform is ominous "and then it started, like a guilty thing / Upon a fearful summons." If Americans tolerate the direct attack on the sacred right to vote by our men and woman in uniform serving in harm's way, then the troops, our sentinels, know a "guilty thing" has begun. Remember: "Hamlet" is one of history's greatest tragedies.

Edward Timperlake and William C.Triplett II are authors of the "Year of the Rat, How Bill Clinton and Al Gore Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash," Regnery 2000.

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