- The Washington Times - Monday, February 14, 2000

Sources familiar with the Boy Owner's thinking indicate Joey Galloway will play with the Cowboys next season.

So Galloway will be in Irving, Texas, while Bruce Smith will be in the place formerly known as Raljon.

The Boy Owner's Redskins love the brand names. The Redskins probably would sign Ann Taylor if they could fit her under the salary cap.

Galloway has been coming to the Redskins since his holdout with the Seahawks last summer.

Lots of trees perished in anticipation of his arrival. Galloway received as much ink in Washington as the sources familiar with Matt Turk's broken finger.

But now Galloway has elected to play with the Cowboys and the Redskins have responded with a big-name fossil.

The Redskins appear to pursue all the big names, regardless of age, playing status and pulse rate.

The Redskins have gone after Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and even Colonel Sanders.

Barry Sanders was in London when he almost became a member of the Redskins last summer, which was news to him, the Lions and the rest of the NFL.

Deion Sanders, who wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up, is seeking a sucker to award him full-time pay for part-time services.

The Redskins also are trying to sign Tom "Satch" Sanders, Derek Sanderson and Sanford and Son.

The Redskins are a fairly effective team on offense. Their defense cannot make the same claim.

They might as well go after Jerry Rice. He meets the general requirements. He has a big name, is a couple of years past his prime and is versatile enough to be a strong safety.

This is not to question the Redskins' moves regarding Tito Paul, Gabe Paul and Paul Anka.

The Redskins are not necessarily building a Super Bowl team. They are building a retirement home.

Smith became the object of the team's affections after Dick Butkus flunked the physical. Jack Lambert, Jack Ham and jack-in-the-box also remain available.

At one time, the Redskins courted Charles Haley, Haley Mills and Hale-Bopp.

Hail to the Redskins and hail to Kevin McHale. He, too, is a playmaker who is few years beyond the peak of his physical powers.

Another thing about the Boy Owner's Redskins: They just don't announce their moves. They build up to them at glacier speed.

Turk has been released a zillion times since October, according to sources familiar with everyone's thinking. If his release ever becomes official, it will be anticlimactic.

The same would have applied to Galloway's inch-by-inch near arrival here.

Now you see him. Now you don't. The least the Redskins could do is award Galloway an honorary jersey.

Washington certainly won't have Galloway to kick around anymore. That leaves Rob Moore, Herman Moore and Penny Moore.

Albert Connell sometimes takes it personally, the list of wide receivers bound for Washington.

Connell showed he could catch the ball last season. He did not always show he could run out of bounds to stop the clock when necessary. The latter will come with either maturity or a deeper understanding of the game's rules and strategies.

The Redskins probably are having lunch with Dan Marino today. Marino has lost considerable zip on his passes, and he is at the end of an illustrious career, which means he's perfect for the burgundy and gold.

The Redskins appear to be happy with Smith's seven sacks last season.

"A top pass rusher can make such a difference," says Norv Turner, the former outgoing coach of the team.

All three phases of the game are important, too.

You know the Redskins motto: Just say no to birth certificates.

Their offseason promises to remain entertaining. Anyone's name, as long as it has marquee value, is liable to surface.

Chris Doleman, Carl Pickens, Jamal Anderson and Bronko Nagurski.

Patrick Ewing and Rod Higgins.

Dennis Rodman is homeless in Dallas after being kicked out of the owner's guest house.

The Redskins might as well drop Rodman's name. They drop the names of everyone else.

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