- The Washington Times - Friday, February 25, 2000

Editors and reporters are always honest, impartial, fair and objective. Just ask any of us. But we're fairer to some than to others.

George W. Bush continues to take a beating for having made a speech at Bob Jones University, where interracial dating, Catholics, the pope, Billy Graham, dancing, and hugging and kissing girls is forbidden, or at least frowned on.

George W.'s father, President Bush, was once described by one of the Bob Joneses (there are three) as a "devil," so, true to the laws of genetics, that makes George W. a devil, too. Jesus Christ couldn't make it beneath the kudzu-clad walls of old Bob Jones U., either. He would be on permanent probation because He not only drank wine but served it, too.

There's no evidence that George W. approved of any of these goofy pronouncements or absurd restrictions on the most fundamental human choices, or that he even knew about them before he went there to speak at a public meeting. If, as some of the bigots on the other side keep shouting, he went there to confer Republican honor and legitimacy on Bob Jones U. it certainly hasn't worked out that way.

The hard to please Glen Johnson of the Associated Press, for example, describes Bob Jones U. in the wake of the controversy this way: "With its manicured lawns, spotless buildings and polite-to-a-flaw student body, it has the artificial feel of Walt Disney World." (The merry pranksters making whoopee aboard the kandy-kolored tangerine-flake McCain campaign bus are more accustomed to weeds, slovenly digs, snotty co-eds and small-town carnivals.)

But it's not just George W. who's in trouble with the Sensitivity Police. The senator himself finally admitted Thursday that it was his campaign that made those "spontaneous" telephone calls passing on "smear messages" to Catholic voters in Michigan, suggesting that George W. is part of a plot to steal the pope's suitcase, mitre, and ring the big one the next time he visits Texas.

Now, alas, the senator may be a bigot, too. In a fit of spontaneity, he referred to the vermin who tortured him at the infamous Hanoi Hilton as "gooks." This is the term of art used by everyone who matriculated at the Vietnam War, but the Sensitivity Police have put it on the list of forbidden words, along with nigger, wop, kike, chink, slope, dago, fag, fairy, dyke and frog. (You can still say redneck, honky and cracker, and "Jesus Christ" is OK but only as a swear word. Jesse Jackson can say Hymie.)

Surely John McCain and all the others who were abused by the North Vietnamese have earned the right to call their tormentors anything. But some Vietnamese immigrants in Virginia want an apology, reparations and maybe even a nice hug.

Of course people who do and say naughty things ought to be called on it, so Al Gore and Bill Bradley, who hang out with the Rev. Al Sharpton and his honky-hating, Jew-baiting friends in Harlem are in trouble, too. Right?

Uh, not exactly. Al and Bill went up to Harlem the other night and pandered so shamelessly that many in the black audience at the Apollo Theater booed and jeered enthusiastically perhaps not so much for everything promised, but for the demeaning and condescending way Al and Bill spoke to them. They detected the unmistakable stink of subtle but nevertheless racist "dissing." Almost nobody in the press took notice.

Al and Bill and their Democratic colleagues have made "Christian" a dirty word when applied to conservative whites, ascribing bigotry to good people who, like Al and Bill and everyone else in America, cast their votes in hopes of accomplishing the America they want.

Like their mentor Bill Clinton, Al and Bill turn Sunday-morning worship services into crass political rallies on their visits to black churches. They see nothing wrong in this because white liberals typically regard the black church as amusing entertainment, but slightly bogus. Al Gore would never attempt to make a political speech in the pulpit of his Baptist church in Carthage, Tenn., and if he did, he could expect the pastor to tell him to knock it off.

There's more coming. The reputation of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam is undergoing major renovations just now and soon Minister Farrakhan will be scrubbed up enough to appear at rallies with Al Gore or Bill Bradley, or both. You might expect that at a minimum the editors and reporters who set such a high bar for the Republican candidates will exact nothing less from friends of Al and Bill: Minister Farrakhan will have to apologize for his description of Judaism as "a gutter religion" and of whites as a "sub-human" species.

But if you believe that, you still believe in fairies. Both homo- and hetero-.

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