- The Washington Times - Monday, January 31, 2000

Things may not be all mad in our part of the universe. Today, PRWeek magazine announced the "Greatest Communicators of all Time," and Jesus Christ tops the list.
He is followed by Mohammed, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Aristotle.
President Clinton placed in another category called "self publicists" while Moses was placed on something called "Top 10 PR Pros" who communicated on behalf of "someone else."
The magazine insisted that these awards are more than hype management. It's that personal touch and maybe a little show biz.
"It's not enough to have ideas. You have to know how to communicate them in a way that captures the public's attention and imagination," said PRWeek Editor Adam Leyland. "Many of the people on these lists may not have known the term 'public relations,' yet their PR skills played a major role in their influence."
Jesus, the magazine noted, "knew how to get His message out in the gospels, scattering His words, like good seeds over His audience."
Martin Luther King, on the other hand, used a series of "public gestures inspired by Gandhi's strategy of nonviolent protest" while Founding Father Thomas Jefferson "walked to his own inaugural and retired to a local boarding house for two weeks in a calculated attempt to create and image of Republican simplicity."
Abraham Lincoln, according to the magazine, was an early media whiz who sat for more than 100 photographs daring photographers to "find someone uglier than himself."
At his death, Lincoln had eight favorable press clippings in his pocket.
Elsewhere, PRWeek named Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Oprah Winfrey as the top three news and entertainment communicators.
Lee Iacocca, Henry Ford and Jack Welch were the best in business communications while Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump and Madonna topped the category called "self publicists."
They were followed by Liberace, Norman Mailer, Bill Clinton, Larry Flynt, Eva Peron, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern.
Mr. Mailer, the magazine said, "appeared on countless TV shows, ran for political office and directed his own appalling movies."
PRWeek included Moses on the list of top PR professionals acting on someone else's behalf because he "brought the world God's Ten Commandments."
Joseph Goebbels appeared on the same list for developing Adolf Hitler's propaganda machine.
"Though short lived, Goebbels' success promoting Adolf Hitler provides a repugnant example of how effective communication can be used to service an evil cause," said Mr. Leyland.

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