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'Quite a coup'

"I actually think it was quite a coup for the Reform Party to have gotten someone of [Pat Buchanan's] stature… . I didn't see Buchanan, and I still don't, as a racist or anti-Semite. If I did, I wouldn't work with him. He's a social conservative. There are millions of social conservatives in this country, and I don't think they're devils. I think they're people who have a different position than I do… .
"[I]n the dialogue between [Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate] campaign [in New York] and the Reform and Independence parties, she basically wanted to dictate the terms about running on our line. When she realized that her undemocratic terms were not going to go down, she literally set out to make the party radioactive.
"Basically, she called me an extremist and an anti-Semite. And I think that's how liberals, quite frankly, get away with being racist toward the black community."
Lenora Fulani, former co-chairman of the Pat Buchanan presidential campaign, interviewed by Mim Udovitch in Sunday's New York Times Magazine

Stop whining

"Dear fellow conservatives,
"Tired of the 'liberal press'? Does Geraldo Rivera drive you nuts? Are you sick of Dan Rather presenting the DNC (Democratic National Committee) talking points as solemn gospel? …
"I have two words of advice for you:
"Shut up.
"That's right. Shut up. Because I don't see YOUR byline in any newspapers.
"For decades, conservatives ignored our civic duty as liberals toiled in the trenches… . While you went off to Wall Street, liberals were reporting on the dog show at a dinky paper in some no-name town… .
"My conservative brethren, you may despise liberals. You may even hate liberals… . But give them total credit. Liberals vowed to change the world, and they did. They talked the talk. They walked the walk. You didn't. Now you wail like a baby who lost his binky, while liberals reap the rewards of decades of sacrifice, picking your pocket in every paycheck.
"So quit your job and become a reporter. Or senator. Or if you're a rich Republican, go buy Time Warner. Otherwise, pay your fat tax bill. And shut up."
Tom Adkins, writing on "Fed up with the 'liberal press'? Stop the whining," in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer

One-world Walter?

"He has been called 'the most trusted man in America.'
"That's right, I'm talking about Walter Cronkite the longtime CBS News anchor who virtually defined what television news is all about… .
"Cronkite's political activism since leaving his anchor job more than suggests [he] has always been a man with a strong agenda.
"In 1989, Cronkite spoke to a dinner organized by People for the American Way, a group founded by Norman Lear. His candid politics surprised even that audience.
" 'I know liberalism isn't dead in this country,' he said. 'It simply has, temporarily we hope, lost its voice.' …
"[Cronkite] appeared in 1999 at the United Nations to accept the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award from the World Federalists Association. He told those assembled, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, that the first step toward achieving a one-world government his personal goal is to strengthen the United Nations… .
"Can you imagine a so-called 'newsman' promoting the ultimate form of centralized, all-powerful government? It's incongruous. It's mind-boggling… .
"The truth is Walter Cronkite's views are not at all out of line with most of his colleagues. It's just that he now feels free to be more honest and up-front about those views than he did when he was 'the most trusted man in America.' "
Joseph Farah, writing on "Most trusted man in America?" Monday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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