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Arcane avenue

"Pennsylvania Avenue is the spiritual center of Washington, D.C. It is true that some of the buildings on the north side are without taste… . It is also true that on the south side of Pennsylvania, on Third Street, is what must be the most unpleasant building in Washington, D.C. the East Building of the National Gallery of Art. It is an affront to the city that such a structure should be allowed in the environs of the Capitol, and actually on an avenue which George Washington had visualized as a triumphal Grand Avenue, sacred in its arcane significance …
"The great sadness of Pennsylvania Avenue is that it no longer offers that reciprocity of sight which the L'Enfant plan valued so highly …
"[Pennsylvania Avenue] may have been designed … to offer reciprocity of view between the Capitol and the White House, but its orientation was really a front for a deeper arcane intention. [Pierre] L'Enfant … had intended Pennsylvania Avenue to link with the stars in a theatrical display which would rival the stellar achievements of Rome, Greece and Egypt… . For the period of about one week, the sunset viewed over the Capitol seems to take place directly over the western end of Pennsylvania Avenue. From Aug. 6-12, the disk of the sun cuts into the horizon above the avenue, with almost magical precision."

David Ovason in his new book, "The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital"

Southern pride

"It may be that the last people America may truly feel proud of are those native people of the South who, despite 150 years of ethnic and cultural cleansing, have not allowed the Yankee elite to beat from them the spirit of liberty and independence that once burned in the hearts of all the people of the American nation… .
"Two Wars of Independence two American Revolutions have been fought in this country. The first was the American Revolution of 1776, and the second was the American Revolution of 1861, also known as the 'Civil War.' …
"Lincoln was a racist… . He stated during his lifetime that he believed all blacks should be deported to Africa, where they could live freely, separate from white men… .
"When [the South] lost the war, their will was not broken… .
"Since the will of these independence-minded people had not snapped, the government began a campaign of ethnic and cultural cleansing known as 'Reconstruction' … so terrible that it motivated Southerners to form groups like the Ku Klux Klan, and respond with a terror of their own… .
"If a group of people, who were no less 'racist' than you, killed your family, humiliated your people, and then made racial issues the basis of the humiliation of your people, would you not be upset?"
Bill White, writing on "In Praise of Southerners," Tuesday in the Libertarian Socialist at www.libertariansocialist.com

'Objectively disordered'

"Pope John Paul II said: 'In the name of the church of Rome I [must] express bitterness for the affront to the Grand Jubilee of the Year 2000 and for the offense to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of Catholics across the world… . The Church cannot silence the truth because it would not live up to its faith in God the Creator and would not help discern what is good from what is evil.'
"He then reminded his audience of church teaching on homosexuality, stating that 'homosexual acts go against natural law.' Citing the Catholic catechism, John Paul said, 'This inclination, objectively disordered, is for most of them a trial.' He added that gays should be accepted with 'respect, compassion, and sensitivity.' …
"On this issue, the pope was speaking for all who accept the Bible as their final authority for what they believe and how they behave."
James M. Hutchens, senior pastor of Christ Church of Arlington, Va., writing on "Homosexual Arrogance Challenged," Tuesday on Dateline Heaven at www.datelineheaven.com

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