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Leo's 'journalism'

"Last spring, ABC News sent movie heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio to interview Bill Clinton for an Earth Day special… .

"The story goes that when ABC's veteran correspondents got wind of the DiCaprio/Clinton interview, they pitched a fit… . It seems that having Mr. DiCaprio interview Mr. Clinton on Issues of Importance had violated that holy of holies, journalistic credibility, a commodity that heretofore had been, as every news consumer in America knows, absolutely rock solid and angel pure until young Leo winged in from Hollywood… .

"Let's take a closer look at the ABC lineup that got so indignant at the prospect of a punk actor encroaching on its pristine turf. First, there's Sam Donaldson, whose preparation for his Sunday show 'This Week' appears so superficial and meager that every question he asks and every example he makes can be counted on, unfailingly, to be the wordiest possible example of the previous week's received wisdom… .

"Sharing the list … is ABC's anchor-god, Peter Jennings, a man whose on-air urbanity has evolved over the years into genuine hauteur, as he gives off unmistakable hints of barely controlled disdain for every political conservative who has walked the face of the earth."

Janet Scott Barlow, writing on "Big Laughs with Important People," in the August issue of Chronicles

Big liar

"The big lie is 'Big Brother,' [a reality TV show that is] dreadfully boring with 10 contestants in a house shut off … from the outside world… .

"Cast member William is a Philadelphia youth counselor who helps kids. That's what CBS wants you and his housemates to think. In reality, William Collins (a/k/a Hiram Ashantee), according to the New York Daily News, is a racist hatemonger and top aide to former Louis Farrakhan sidekick Khalid Abdul Muhammad.

"You know the same Khalid Muhammad, who calls Jews 'bloodsuckers,' and whites and the pope 'crackers' and 'devils.' Yup, the same Muhammad who, with William a/k/a Ashantee standing by his side, urged the crowd to attack police and grab their guns at the Sept. 5, 1998, Million Youth March in Harlem. William a/k/a Ashantee one of Muhammad's top organizers stood by as 16 cops were injured. Nice pick, CBS. Thanks for giving a racist bigot an unfettered forum for his evil views."

Debbie Schlussel, writing on "When 'Big Brother' Is a Black Supremacist," Tuesday in Jewish World Review at www.jewishworldreview.com

Winning strategy

"[T]he story of the New Haven [Conn.] rally and Yale strike forms a complex tale with many actors and subplots… . In the background was the murder trial in New Haven of Bobby Seale, chairman of the Black Panther Party, and eight other Panthers. Seale had been accused of ordering the torture and murder of Alex Rackley, a young black man suspected of being a police informer. In May 1969, Rackley's battered body … had been fished out of the Coginchaug River, 25 miles north of New Haven. The Panthers, in collusion with radicals at and outside of Yale, began fomenting unrest in the Yale community and planning a rally to support Seale and his co-defendants… .

"Among those at Yale who vociferously supported the Panthers were Bill Lann Lee, now head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, and Hillary Clinton… . As David Brock noted in his book, 'The Seduction of Hillary Rodham' … 'Hillary was not just one of the faceless thousands who appeared on the [New Haven] Green to show symbolic support. Rather than fire-bombing buildings, she was busy using the legal system to further the Panther cause.' It was a strategy that worked."

Roger Kimball, from his new book, "The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America"

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