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Sudden stardom

"[Actor Jason] Biggs stuck around [Los Angeles] and auditioned for 'every pilot under the sun.'

"Eventually, a movie script came along called 'An Untitled Sex Comedy Which Can Be Made for Under $10 Million That Studio Readers Will Most Likely Hate But I Think You Will Love.' Released as 'American Pie,' it became a surprise summer smash …

" 'July 9th, 1999, changed my life forever,' says a grinning Biggs of the film's opening day. 'Seriously, man, that weekend it was like, "Jason Biggs is in the number-one movie in the country." ' That was Friday, and the scripts started coming in on Monday."

Stephen Saban, writing on "Jason Biggs," in the Summer issue of Detour

Cop bashing

"Recently, Hillary Clinton took umbrage when New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani likened the paramilitary INS agents who snatched Elian Gonzalez to 'storm troopers.' Referring to U.S. law enforcement officers in such terms is 'extreme and unwarranted,' Mrs. Clinton objected.

"Certainly, gratuitous allusions to the Third Reich can be a problem in American politics. Just ask Mayor Giuliani and the congressional Republicans who have repeatedly been likened to Nazis by Democratic congressmen and others. Indeed, official delegates to the Democratic Party's New York state convention which just nominated Mrs. Clinton for the Senate harassed a police department honor guard in just such a way.

"According to the Albany Times Union, the offending delegates spat upon the flag-carrying cops and jeered at them as 'Nazis' and 'members of Giuliani's Third Reich.'

"So, does the first lady really want to start a debate about the vilification of police officers? If so, she's either got a lot of chutzpah or a mighty short memory, for the fact is, Hillary Rodham Clinton has collaborated with cop-bashers for some 30 years."

Evan Gahr, writing on "Hillary and the Cop-Bashers," in the July/ August issue of the American Enterprise

Hate, hate, hate

"Modern society drives people insane. Insanity is, in fact, a normal and healthy reaction to the perverse social and cultural structures that exist in our society. Our society has been taken over by a unique combination of Bolshevism and Maoism and the neo-Bolshevist 'Third Way' doctrine of the Clintons.

"Everybody is expected to feel happy all the time. We are all supposed to be like Britney Spears, smiling and begging some 'baby' of ours to 'do it to me one more time.'

"Sex is supposed to be irresponsible and cost-free… . We are all supposed to enjoy going to jail, so we can be cool like DMX, and not be afraid to pull out our 'gat' and give someone a 'wet t-shirt' … like Ice Cube, unless, of course, we do so in a school, in which case it's a tragic 'school shooting' to be played out on the evening news.

"However, as we are constantly urged on to hurt each other sexually, physically and psychologically, we are also urged on to be happy in this world. We are not permitted to insult each other, or point out physical differences, from handicaps to racial differences. We cannot make jokes, or unwanted sexual advances.

"As our culture on one hand becomes more nihilistic, on the other hand it becomes infinitely more puritan. The culture bosses, and culture distorters for that is what they are at once demand us to hate, hate, hate, on one hand, and to behave as if we were civilized on the other. The hate and nihilism we feel is internalized, forbidden expression, and it grows. Eventually it snaps."

Bill White, writing on "Hate, Nihilism and Culture," Thursday in the Libertarian Socialist at www.libertariansocialist.com

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