- The Washington Times - Friday, June 30, 2000

Led astray?

"On Monday night, ABC [presented] 'Peter Jennings Reporting: The Search for Jesus.' There is an important reason to be concerned about this program… . That reason is that, behind the program, is the anti-Christian crowd at the so-called Jesus Seminar.

"Throughout the years we have presented many articles about the Jesus Seminar, a group funded in part by Norman Lear. The Jesus Seminar folks have spent their years vehemently attacking Jesus' divinity and undermining his credibility… . [T]he Jesus Seminar folks simply cast lots to determine whether what is attributed to Jesus in the Bible are his words or not. By casting lots, they say they've found that only 18 percent of the words attributed to Jesus in the Bible are his actual words… .

"The Jesus Seminar represents an extremely small number of radical-fringe scholars who are on the far, far left wing of New Testament thinking. It does not represent mainstream scholarship… .

"[T]he program scrupulously avoids Jesus' divinity, ignores his resurrection, undermines his miracles, and makes him out to be a political figure… . It must be noted that the position of the Jesus Seminar, in spite of the connections with the entertainment industry, has been thoroughly refuted theologically. However, the average person does not know this, and so this program could lead many people astray."

Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, quoted Wednesday in Dateline Heaven at www.datelineheaven.com

Tide of infanticide

"On the heels of [Wednesday's] Stenberg v. Carhart decision is the more shocking news that infanticide is spreading in America. A 36-year-old mother recently testified in court that she purposely started a fire in her home five days after she had an abortion in order to kill four of her remaining children. The [Los Angeles] Times reported that the woman said … that she was devastated by abortion.

" 'Abortion is, in fact, infanticide disguised as "choice," ' said Cathy Brown, director of Why Life? 'There is a rising tide of infanticide throughout the length and breadth of America. We need to be seriously concerned about the Stenberg v. Carhart decision because it has sent out the message that infanticide is tolerable.'

"Brown urged Americans to 'wake up and realize the state of moral upheaval that abortion has brought to our country.' Brown said she fears 'the Supreme Court decision will likely spur other acts of infanticide as Americans, especially teens, struggle to figure out what behaviors are acceptable.' "

From a Wednesday press release by the American Life League

Matriarchal myth

"Cynthia Eller … stumbled across an ad for a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan 'I survived 5,000 years of patriarchy.' Eller, … author of 'Living in the Lap of the Goddess: The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America,' was struck not only by the strident confidence of this announcement, but also by how precisely the number of years of male oppression had been counted, and how often she'd encountered this particular number before.

"Hadn't she heard the same figure tossed off by Gloria Steinem …? 'Once upon a time,' wrote Steinem, 'the many cultures of this world were all part of the gynocratic age. Paternity had not yet been discovered.' How many feminists, Eller set to wondering, actually believe that long ago the world was ruled by a benevolent, peace-loving matriarchy? Quite a few, she eventually concluded. In certain circles, she claims, the notion of an ancient matriarchy is a booming business. This, although there's no evidence to support the theory that women once ruled the world, or any human society."

Lawrence Osborne, writing on "False goddess," Wednesday in the on-line magazine Salon at www.salon.com

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