- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 12, 2000

The March 9 commentary in The Washington Times, "Friends of OPEC: Clinton-Gore help boost gas, oil prices," was excellent and well-written, though not detailed enough.

I recently paid $1.47 per gallon for gasoline for my car, and as you predict, it may get to $2 by summer. This correlates with exactly what Vice President Al Gore wants: Expensive gasoline will lead to more economical (and smaller) automobiles and greater use of public transportation.

I recently visited an oil drilling site in east Texas. While there, a worker informed me that once the oil comes in, it will be capped. He stated further that not once in his career has a well he drilled ever had its oil used.

Two-dollars-a-gallon gas is what Mr. Gore wants, and your column is an excellent "expose" of his environmental radicalism.

Good job.


Abingdon, Md.


You have accurately displayed Vice President Al Gore's deep understanding of supply and demand, along with his insight on how most American's feel about paying $2 for a gallon of gas.

This certainly complements his knowledge and respect for combining religious ceremonies with fund raising. Mr. Gore's knowledge and leadership goes well beyond environmental issues and the art of waffling. Remember that he is the godfather of the Internet.

What does someone do with all of these talents and skills? Well, in America, he runs for president. Never mind that if he was me or you he would be teaching English in a white-collar correctional facility.

I find it hard to believe that Americans are interested in someone who makes it his mission to pervert our government and policies and encroach on nearly all of our personal freedoms.

Mr. Gore is systematically stripping away the character of our nation. For all you history buffs out there, does this sound familiar? Reviewing Mr. Gore's views and his comments during this primary season, I can't quite decide if I should laugh or be afraid … very afraid.

Based on Ken Smith's column, Mr. Gore's domestic policy is shaping up to be a cross between a regulated state (sounds like big government to me) and a "more blood, less oil" policy-making agenda.

His Don Quixote initiative (Strategic Environmental Initiative) will put windmills in every front yard and remove sport utility vehicles from your driveways. Mr. Gore's new, openly gay military will certainly boost morale and stir waves of new recruits. Foreign policy is easy; outsource it, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries seems to be a leading favorite with China not far behind.

With a historically long economic boom, I expect that Mr. Gore has grown weary of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and is looking for someone who can help drive the economy with a keen understanding of our global role.

Perhaps Monty "Let's Make a Deal" Hall will become the next Fed chairman.

The Democratic Party (the friend of OPEC) is poised, ready to install Mr. Gore into the White House. Can we afford living in a Gore state?

As a boy, I remember playing cowboys and Indians. What will children living in a Gore state play? Regulators and big brother?



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