- The Washington Times - Friday, May 19, 2000

Strange twists

“To me, over the years, it has become ever clearer that feminism, for all the great good it has achieved, has also been the root cause of much of the social dysfunction we now take as routine.

“There simply have been too many strange twists along the feminist road, too many willful interpretations of fact to match the agenda’s ever-changing needs.

“In 1995, ABC News’s John Stossel that rarity in TV news, an original thinker did a special: ‘Boys and Girls Are Different.’ Gloria Steinem was one of the three leading feminists arguing otherwise and, frankly, it was almost painful to watch… .

“Then, two months into Monicagate, following Kathleen Willey’s tale of an Oval Office sexual assault, even some of Steinem’s friends were startled by her blanket defense of Bill Clinton… . While allowing that she was inclined to accept Willey’s claims and, for that matter, those of Paula Jones, Steinem dismissed them as inconsequential. After all, she explained, he was just being a guy. All that mattered the late-night comics dubbed it the ‘one free grope’ rule is that, in the end, ‘President Clinton took “no” for an answer.’

“It’s as if it’s no longer necessary to give as much as a passing glance to consistency or credibility.”

Harry Stein, writing on “How I Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy,” in the June issue of George

Offensive choice

“For a number of years, a group calling itself Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) has been publicly supporting abortion while claiming it speaks as an authentic Catholic voice. That claim is false. In fact, the group’s activity is directed to rejection and distortion of Catholic teaching about the respect and protection due to defenseless unborn human life.

“On a number of occasions the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) has stated publicly that CFFC is not a Catholic organization, does not speak for the Catholic Church, and in fact promotes positions contrary to the teaching of the Church as articulated by the Holy See and the NCCB. CFFC is, practically speaking, an arm of the abortion lobby… .

“As the Catholic bishops of the United States have stated for many years, the use of the name Catholic as a platform for supporting the taking of innocent human life and ridiculing the Church is offensive not only to Catholics, but to all who expect honesty and forthrightness in public discourse.”

From a press statement issued May 10 by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops

‘A gentle boy’

“Dylan Bennet Klebold was born in Denver, Colo., on Sept. 11, 1981… . His parents told investigators that Dylan was a gentle boy and never gave any indications of a violent nature… .

“Tom Klebold told investigators that, as far as he knew, Dylan never showed any fascination with guns… .

“After the tragedy at Columbine High School, investigators searched for answers to why Klebold opened fire on his classmates and teachers… . Investigators spoke with friends and teachers of Klebold who described him as a ‘nice, normal teenager.’

“But there was another, darker side. Klebold left behind glimpses of his thoughts in the form of notes jotted down… .

“A full year before their rampage Klebold made four entries in Harris’s yearbook. One such entry referred to ‘the holy April morning of NBK (Natural Born Killers).’ Another entry says in part ‘killing enemies, blowing up stuff, killing cops!! My wrath … will be godlike. Not to mention our revenge in the commons.’ … The Columbine cafeteria is also called the commons.”

From the Jefferson County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Department official report on the April 20, 1999, shootings at Columbine High School

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