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Freakish fame

"Fame dropped like rose petals all over Mena Suvari last year in an almost freakish way when she appeared in not one, but two movies 'American Pie' and 'American Beauty' that almost simultaneously captured major critical attention, hit the $100-million box-office mark and won her fans … and, well, worshippers… . What is more, while 'American Pie' may have seemed like a lark aimed at … young guys, it struck a chord with Gen-X and Gen-Y moviegoers of both sexes, and scored with the Gen-W audience as well. Similarly, the more ambitious 'American Beauty' was targeted at an older crowd, but its deadpan, acerbic take on just how screwed up we all are right now fascinated young audiences. Suvari's sleepy, Novocained good looks and insolent, hilariously over-it way with dialogue were an essential ingredient of the success of both movies… .

"She had the poise of a pro, even though she was just 20 and almost 'American Pie.' "

Stephen Rebello, writing on "Mena Season," in the June issue of Movieline

Adultery lite

"Why do women even privileged, savvy women like Hillary [Clinton] continue to tolerate serial betrayal? Of course, as my married friends point out, forgiveness is part of any successful marriage. Walking out might not always be the best response to infidelity especially when small children are involved. But there's a big difference between forgiving a 'slip' that is followed by genuine contrition … and habitually turning a blind eye to unrepentant, chronic philandering… .

"In pre-1960s America in contrast to supposedly more sophisticated cultures men who had extramarital affairs were seen as dishonorable, even if their faults were treated with more indulgence than female infidelity… . In the new, anything-goes world that Hillary's generation helped create, flings on the side are no big deal and carry no penalty… .

"To put it simply, Hillary has succeeded in making the country safer for infidelity. By letting Bill get away with it time after cheating time, Hillary shows millions of young women across the country that it's okay, that some things are more important than trust and honesty."

Laura Ingraham in her new book, "The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places"

Rich liberals

"A nonprofit corporation, the Public Broadcasting Service, fueled by billions of taxpayer dollars, has been promoting Democratic Party agendas for 33 years. A minor scandal even erupted last year when it was revealed that tax-exempt and tax-supported public television stations were selling their subscriber lists to Democratic Party fund-raising efforts.

"Why Democrats? It's the politics, stupid!

"For 33 years, public television stations have been (illegally) pushing a Democratic perspective, and consequently attracting an overwhelmingly Democratic support base… .

"Why isn't this abuse the target of a RICO suit? Public television star Bill Moyers, who has made a personal fortune disseminating anti-Republican propaganda on taxpayer-financed public television stations, is also the head of the 'philanthropic' Florence and John Schumann Foundation, which recently gave $5.5 million a king's ransom to a liberal political magazine, 'The American Prospect.' This allowed what had been a typically under-financed and politically irrelevant opinion journal to publish twice-monthly and become a force within the Democratic Party.

"Is this illegal? It certainly violates the spirit of the tax laws, but the Clinton IRS has so far failed to notice."

David Horowitz, writing on "March of the Racketeers," May 15 in Salon at www.salon.com

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