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'Natural selection'

"[Dylan] Klebold and [Eric] Harris drove onto the Columbine High School campus April 20, 1999, armed with four guns, several knives and numerous explosive devices.
"Klebold was dressed in cargo pants, a black T-shirt that said 'Wrath,' and a black trench coat. Underneath his coat was an Intratec TEC-DC-9, 9mm semi-automatic handgun attached to a strap slung over his shoulder. His cargo pants had large pockets that later allowed him to partially conceal a Stevens 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun… .
"Harris, also wearing a black trench coat, wore a white T-shirt underneath that said, 'Natural Selection.' He had a Hi-Point 9mm carbine rifle on a strap hidden under his coat. Harris pulled a … Springfield 12-gauge pump shotgun from one of the bags the gunmen carried… .
"Harris fired 25 times with his shotgun, 21 in the library, four times inside the school… . Klebold fired his shotgun 12 times, six in the library, four inside the school, and two outside… .
"Harris shot his 9mm carbine rifle 96 times, 13 in the library, 36 inside the rest of the school and 47 outside… .
"Klebold shot his TEC-9 55 times, 21 inside the library … 31 inside the rest of the school, and three times outside."
From the Jefferson County (Colo.) Sheriff's Department official report on the shootings at Columbine High School

Clinton camera

"Bill Clinton's stunning performance at the White House correspondents' dinner … confirmed something about which suspicions had been building: He is not really a politician, much less president, but a truly inspired comedic performer who has only now found his metier. In fact, Clinton's life can be seen as a climb toward this moment. While his presidency has stayed at the level of true mediocrity, his performance skills have become better and better. The timing is perfect, the phrasing exquisite, the intonations just so.
"This revelation … tells us what he should do on leaving office: go straight to Las Vegas, if he is not first indicted. It explains why he has had so much trouble getting the hang of his office: the moral vacuity, the odd lack of care for the country's traditions, the emphasis on style over substance, the growing lack of interest in policy. He has been miscast, in the wrong kind of production, before the wrong audience. He belongs out with DreamWorks, not in the capital; in a nightclub, not in the Oval Office, in the company of Fred Allen, Woody Allen and the Borscht Belt performers, not of Washington, Lincoln and Reagan."
Noemie Emery, writing on "Heeere's Bill!" in the June 5 issue of National Review

Historic kiss

"Another television taboo will be shattered [tonight] when 'Dawson's Creek' features the first gay, romantic kiss between two male characters.
"In the 'Dawson' season finale … Jack (Kerr Smith) and his boyfriend, Ethan (Adam Kauffman), lock lips… .
"The kiss is 'historically important,' says Scott Seomin, spokesman for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
" 'This is a milestone we needed to get past,' he says. 'This is the first romantic kiss between two gay men on primetime network TV and it took a network like the WB, which is still new and not afraid to take chances, to make it happen.'
" 'Jack has been developing this friendship with Ethan since the midpoint of this year,' 'Dawson's Creek' executive producer Greg Berlanti told the New York Post… .
"Berlanti says the WB has been extremely encouraging about 'the kiss.' …
" 'This is the culmination of 36 episodes,' he says."
Michael Starr, writing on "Dawson's Creek to Feature First Gay Kiss," Friday on the Gay Financial Network at www.gfn.com

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