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Hunting heartthrob

"When Rick Schroeder isn't hunting bad guys as Detective Danny Sorenson on 'NYPD Blue,' the 30-year-old former child star can be found hunting elk and deer on his 45,000-acre Colorado ranch outside Grand Junction. 'There are two types of people in this world,' Schroeder says. 'Those who hunt, and those who don't. For me, hunting is as normal and natural as breathing.' An NRA member who's hunted since his days as a 12-year-old heartthrob on the '80s sitcom 'Silver Spoons,' Schroeder is an avid gun supporter… .

"He's a pro-choice family guy who voted for Ross Perot in '96 but abandoned him 'when he got all weird on us.' Until recently, Schroeder was torn between George W. Bush and John McCain. 'Bush is someone I can relate to,' he says. 'He's lived. He's made mistakes and has a wild side.' As for Al Gore, Schroeder dismisses him as 'a phony. He's been in Washington way too long. He's so calculating.' "

Christina Valhouli, writing on "Ricky Takes Aim," in the May issue of George

Not even a pea shooter

"As the Elian Gonzalez case heated up, press sympathy for President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno totally overwhelmed news judgment… . The New York Times buried one of the most remarkable news photos of the past half-century: Associated Press photographer Alan Diaz's picture of a screaming INS agent in full SWAT armor pointing a loaded submachine gun toward Elian Gonzalez and his rescuer, fisherman Donato Dalrymple. It ran a smaller black-and-white version on page 16. Its front page carried a full-color picture of a happy face reunion provided by Clinton and Castro's shyster Gregory Craig next to a fan-magazine article about Janet Reno's 'Difficult Call.' …

"[T]he Chicago Tribune cheered: 'Well done, Ms. Reno,' while its columnist Eric Zorn stated that Clinton's Gestapo action 'made me proud.' In short, the U.S. press now accepts the classic Marxist principle that the end justifies the means as long as it agrees with the end …

"Not surprisingly, after his most recent stay in the Clintons' Lincoln rent-a-bedroom a few weeks ago, big donor Rick Kaplan, the head of CNN's news division, chose to treat the Diaz photo as just 'a public relations problem.'

"CNN's Judy Woodruff went further and passed on dark hints about 'guns' from Reno and her [deputy] attorney general Eric Holder, asserting 'a group of armed men' were in the house right next door to the Gonzalez residence. Finally Woodruff stopped, after she was confronted on air by a reporter who pointed out that none of the dozens of journalists on the scene had seen any sign of so much as a pea shooter."

Thomas Lipscomb, writing on "The U.S. Press Sells Out," April 27 on the Web site www.intellectualcapital.com

Communist truth

"Before 1989 when the Chinese government killed the students I met many Americans who actually told me that Communist China was a great country and didn't believe what I told them was actually happening there. After Tiananmen, many came to me telling how embarrassed they were that they had to see blood to believe what I told them about life in China… .

"In Communist China … [h]undreds of millions of Chinese parents had no control over their children's future, because the Communist government had the first say about what should happen to them, not the parents… .

"Whatever will happen to Elian [Gonzalez] once he is sent back to Cuba will come back to haunt those who sent him back. Sadly, the only winner of this whole saga is Fidel Castro, courtesy of the American government and public."

Zehao Zhou, assistant professor, York [Pa.] College, writing on "The Truth About Communism," in the on-line magazine Front Page at www.frontpagemag.com

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