- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Monica muzzled

"Even as Bill Clinton prepares to leave office, [Monica] Lewinsky remains muzzled somewhat by the legal exigencies of her immunity deal with the Office of Independent Counsel… .

"No one has more bitterly attained her expertise on the subject of the Mediathon than Lewinsky. History will record that it was her misfortune to surface as a star player at the precise moment that the full arsenal of 21st-century media (as we know it so far) was falling into place… . [T]he Internet … was just becoming a mass medium when Matt Drudge first published Lewinsky's name… .

" 'When I was introduced to the world, I couldn't define myself,' she recalled noting that, by contrast, the president 'had the White House' and its immense P.R. machine to help mold his story… .

" 'There was this immediate notion that I was kind of a dumb bimbo,' she says. 'And that was really offensive to me because, I mean, I'm not a genius, I'm not necessarily very intellectual, but I am intelligent.' "

Frank Rich, writing on "The Age of the Mediathon," in Sunday's New York Times Magazine

Clueless teens

"America's teenagers are quite involved with religious faith. Based on a new nationwide survey of teens, however, the question is: what religious faith have they really embraced? … The most common church affiliations of teenagers were with the Catholic Church (22 percent), Baptist churches (16 percent) and mainline Protestant churches (19 percent). Only 4 percent said they usually attend a church that is part of a charismatic or Pentecostal denomination… .

"The Bible remains a respected text among most young adults… . When asked about specific religious beliefs, though, many teenagers embraced views that are inconsistent with the Bible. For instance, two-thirds stated that Satan is not a living being but merely a symbol of evil. Six out of 10 argued that a good person can earn eternal salvation through good deeds. A majority (53 percent) said that Jesus committed sins while He was on Earth… .

"The bottom line is that today's teens think they have learned and absorbed whatever the Christian faith has to offer and are therefore not questioning their spiritual beliefs, and are not open to being challenged in their views… . If biblical truth is going to prevail in American society, it will require a strategic, long-term, coordinated effort to convey God's truth in ways that shake young people from their theological complacency and arrogance."

from "Teenagers' Beliefs Moving Farther from Biblical Perspectives," posted Oct. 23 on Web site Barna Research Online at www.barna.org

Liberal commissars

" 'A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.' How quickly the Gore liberals adopted a totalitarian mindset, sounding like the Soviet commissars back in the old days, who would urge the voters toward a 98 percent turnout for the Communist candidate, arguing that any deviation from absolute loyalty would 'objectively' play into the hands of the imperialists… .

"Gore liberals such as [Gloria] Steinem, Patricia Ireland of NOW and Carl Pope of the Sierra Club have been trading in false currency for so long they don't realize that as shills for the Democratic Party their credit was used up long, long ago… .

"What the fall campaign did most of all was to show up the bankruptcy of people like Ireland and Pope the people who soft-shoed for Clinton and Gore for eight years… .

"There's nothing on this earth liberals hate more than radicals straying outside the reservation."

Alexander Cockburn, writing on "The Day After," in the Nov. 13 issue of the Nation

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