- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Elections have been stolen in America before, but never so publicly. This election is being stolen right in front of our eyes. The Party of No Shame (aka The Democratic Party), firm in its conviction that its ends justify the means, is making a blatant grab for power.

Instead of shouting, “stop, thief,” the media is helping Al Gore and William Daley steal the election. Goebbels-style propaganda has taken over from news. Americans have been fed the Big Lie that Democrats are simply trying to correct “irregularities” in Florida voting. But the only irregularities are the ones Democrats are committing.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with the “Butterfly ballot” in Palm Beach County. It was designed and approved by Democrats. It was used in the previous election in the county, and it is used elsewhere in the country without incident. Schoolteachers in Louisiana have tested the ballot on first- and fourth-graders. The children marked the ballot properly without difficulty.

Understand, also, that under Florida law a hand recount is permitted only when there is evidence of machine failure. A hand recount is not a means for partisan vote counters to reinterpret spoiled ballots and assign them to their candidate.

In Florida there is no evidence of machine failure. But there is no doubt that the presidency is being stolen. Democrats are saying that spoiled ballots in counties that voted Democratic were intended to be for Gore. Spoiled ballots in counties that voted Republican are more numerous, but they are not being added to Bush's total.

This entirely one-sided counting of spoiled ballots is being touted as “fair.”

But more than an election is being stolen. Our country is being stolen.

Geographically speaking, Gore carried only one-sixth of the country. Five-sixths of the United States rejected him and his corrupt party. Because of the population density of urban areas, maps showing election results by state greatly exaggerate Gore's geographical support.

A map (obtained from geocities.com) of the vote by county shows a tiny Gore presence. Gore's vote is confined to Hispanic counties in the Southwest, the California coastal counties, Portland Oregon counties, the counties bordering Puget Sound in Washington, Minnesota and urban areas of Great Lakes states, Jewish counties in Florida, heavily black counties in the Southeast and heavily urbanized areas of the Northeast (Philadelphia, New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island), Vermont and parts of Maine.

Geographically, the map shows a country controlled by a few high-density urban counties where new immigrants and racial minorities constitute a high percentage of the population. Gore's half of the vote is concentrated in 580,000 square miles. Bush's half is spread over 2,427,000 square miles.

The Democratic Party is a party of well-to-do white liberals, university faculties and the media, single women and racial minorities. It is a revolutionary party, committed to overthrowing the “hegemonic power” of traditional American morality, principles, institutions and people.

Merit and the First Amendment, along with the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and white people in general, have been declared “racist.” Merit is no longer the basis for university admissions, employment or promotion, as “preferred minorities” (an official designation) have been given privileged legal standing that trumps merit.

The power over law has moved from Congress to the Executive Branch. Media conglomerates, in lockstep with the agendas of urban Democrats, are stamping out alternative voices in print, radio and TV media. In universities and public schools, the extermination of alternative voices has been practically completed.

The effect is homogeneity of opinion in news and education that previously was associated with totalitarian regimes. We even have a term for people who challenge the supremacy of Democratic opinion. We call them “politically incorrect.”

Try being a politically incorrect professor, or news reporter, editor or columnist. It is becoming more difficult by the day. Opponents to the Democrats' agenda are silenced, dismissed, or framed on harassment or discrimination charges.

Democrats favor open borders because the millions of Third World immigrants pouring into the United States have no tradition of constitutional government and a rule of law. They come from lands where control over government means enrichment and privilege, and that is what the Democrats offer them.

Republicans will never get this hardened bloc vote. Blacks voted 90 to 93 percent for Gore, and Hispanics gave Gore between two-thirds and three-fourths of their vote.

The longer the borders stay open, the sooner the country will be lost.

Dr. Roberts' latest book, “The Tyranny of Good Intentions,” has just been released by Prima Publishers.

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