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His legacy

"President Clinton, in an Aug. 9, 1999, speech to AmeriCorps members, declared, 'AmeriCorps is living, daily, practical, flesh-and-blood proof that there's a better way to live … that if we … hold hands and believe we're going into the future together, we can change anything we want to change. You are the modern manifestation of the dream of America's Founders.' …

"AmeriCorps, created in 1993, may be President Clinton's proudest achievement. Clinton said in 1994 that AmeriCorps 'may have the most lasting legacy of anything I am able to do as your president, because it has the chance to embody all the things I ran for president to do.' …

"AmeriCorps has provided more than $60,000 to support Equality Colorado, an organization that describes itself as 'dedicated to social change through education, advocacy and organizing to combat violence and negative attitudes toward [homosexual] people in our society.' …

"The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, the nation's largest gay rights organization, has received over $200,000 in support from AmeriCorps."

James Bovard, from his new book, "Feeling Your Pain"

'The morality, stupid'

"The 2000 election was not primarily about 'the economy, stupid,' nor the efficiency of government, nor the number of programs proposed or their cost, nor just how government should be reinvented. It was about values like the quality of education, family and ethics, and the character and trustworthiness of the man who will next lead us. Those are not bad ways to pick a president.

"It is also clear these concerns are not evenly spread across the country. There are indeed two Americas, one bicoastal, urban, industrial, and politically very liberal; the other rural, with smaller cities and towns, traditional beliefs about family and morality, and a moderate-to-conservative political outlook.

"Regardless of whether Mr. Gore is successful in his attempt to overturn the result in Florida, this basic division is going to bedevil American society for some years to come. The Democratic Party is being pushed left. Mr. Gore, as either president or leader of the party, is more liberal than Mr. Clinton; newly elected senators like Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine are very left. People in the rural center will not take kindly to this leftward tilt and will be in continual tension with the other America."

Pete Du Pont, writing on "Gore Carries the Porn Belt," Nov. 10 in the Wall Street Journal

'Art is evil'

"There's an old saying 'The devil is the church's best friend.' If Satan wasn't around, churches would go out of business. The same goes for conservatives or Christians, or whoever they might be. They need art because art is evil; art challenges beliefs. Because I'm a vocal spokesperson for that kind of activity, I am the devil to them… .

"I'm not going to change what I think and say because of their terrorism… .

"In a sense, terrorism blossomed in the advent of television. Television promotes terrorism in religion and in politics. That's why I am often used as a scapegoat for things… . Because people find my image and the things I say to be scary. So they use me as part of their marketing of fear… .

"Everything I was afraid of when I was growing up, I've become. I've take on my nightmares, like the devil and the end of the world, and I've become those things. I am only afraid of what everyone else believes in… . Like protecting your children from the world, instead of explaining the world to them. That's like raising your children in the Ice Age and not giving them warm clothing."

Marilyn Manson, interviewed by Dan Aquilante in Friday's New York Post

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