- The Washington Times - Saturday, November 25, 2000

Two weeks after Americans chose a new president on Nov. 7, the Democratic Party is still trying to change the vote count. Responding to this unusual situation, the Wall Street Journal called on Republicans not to allow Democrats to steal the election and with it the Constitution.

The editorial, "The Squeamish GOP," indicates the Journal does not think the Republicans have what it takes to defend their president-elect and the American Constitution. Obviously, the Democrats think likewise, or they would not so brazenly steal an election in broad daylight with the connivance of the media and the Democratic Florida Supreme Court.

The Florida Supreme Court did not hesitate to show that it is not a court but a partisan arm of the Democratic Party. The court has no power or authority to stop Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris from exercising the legal powers of her office according to Florida law. Yet, without even hearing cause or petition, the court issued an injunction forbidding her from exercising her responsibility under law.

This is clearly an overreach of judicial authority and a violation of the separation of powers. The court's only reason for its overreach is to help Al Gore steal the election. If the U.S. media actually constituted a media instead of the Propaganda Ministry of the Democratic Party, the Florida court would not dare to be so brazen.

The Democrats are stealing the election by revoting ballots that have already been recounted two or three times. The ballots are being revoted by the Democrats conducting the "recounts." Any and every excuse is being used to interpret ballots that were not cast for Mr. Gore as votes that voters meant to cast for Mr. Gore.

When one set of "recount" rules doesn't produce enough new Gore votes, the rules are changed. Soon Democrats will be saying the people who voted for George W. Bush really meant to vote for Mr. Gore.

There are a number of Democrats I know several myself who will vote a Democratic ticket but refuse to vote for Mr. Gore. They won't vote for a Republican either, so they leave the presidential choice unmarked. They support their party as far as they can, but no farther. These ballots are being revoted for Mr. Gore, the argument being that someone who voted a Democratic ticket meant to vote it all the way.

Squeamish Republicans are cooperating in this fraud. They pretend that the Florida Supreme Court is a real court instead of a political arm of the Democratic Party, and they pretend that a recount, not a revote, is under way. Republicans only dispute the validity of the "hand count."

This is an amazingly weak position for Republicans to take. It is a strategic mistake for Republicans to go along with the pretense that the issue is a proper vote count. Disputing the "hand count" is a technical complaint that, to many Americans, seems petty. It has given the Democrats and their media allies two weeks to hide a stolen election behind "the intention of the voter" and "the will of the people." The media suggest it is the wicked GOP that wants to steal the election by frustrating the will of the people.

Mrs. Harris has been demonized by the Democratic Party's Propaganda Ministry (the TV networks and CNN). Adolf Hitler best described the tactic that Democrats are using against Mrs. Harris. Success, Hitler said, comes from unleashing "a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous, until the nerves of the attacked person break down." This tactic, Hitler said, is most successful against "the bourgeoisie [Republicans], which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks."

If Republicans allow the election to be stolen, they will forever be discredited. There is no excuse for a party that controls both executive and legislative power in Florida to stand aside while thieves steal the election. Every member of the Florida Supreme Court should be arrested, indicted and immediately put on trial for aiding and abetting vote fraud. The Democrats, who are revoting already recounted ballots, must also be arrested, indicted and tried for perpetrating vote fraud.

The media that threw the West Coast to Mr. Gore by falsely announcing Mr. Gore's victory before the polls closed, together with the media that are cloaking Florida vote fraud as a recount, must also be indicted for their participation in fraud.

Once Mr. Bush assumes the office to which he has been elected, Republicans must turn their attention to dismantling the Democratic Party's Propaganda Ministry that masquerades as a news media. The most obvious solution is nationalization. Give the corrupt media the socialism it wants, and run the organizations as strict news outlets with all editorializing and opinion banned.

Once Americans can get the facts, they will realize that a Nazi Party (a k a the Democratic Party) has grown up in their midst.

Paul Craig Roberts is a columnist for The Washington Times and is nationally syndicated.

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