- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 11, 2000

You can defend pretty much anything today except, of course, traditional values. And that's what has gotten radio and TV personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger in trouble with, among others, radical homosexual groups, who have pursued a relentless boycott-bully campaign to force her off the air and kill her just-launched television show.
"We're going to go after the media outlets, the radio stations that run her, and get her off," exulted Cathy Renna of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a national gay rights group. Dr. Laura has annoyed radical gay groups by suggesting that homosexuality is not inborn or genetic but rather an abnormal, learned behavior. Her specific sin was to use the term, "deviant" to describe homosexual activity and to state that it should therefore not be encouraged, let alone taught to children as "normal." This landed her in hot water and prompted accusations from GLAAD and others that she is a bigot and a "mean-spirited" one at that.
And yet, not only are the views of Dr. Laura uncontroversial to vast majorities of the current world population, but to the recorded history of human civilization as well. As Robert Knight of the Family Research Council has pointed out, "most people still find it strange for a man to have anal sex with another man … or to equate such behavior with marital love." The world's major religions are in agreement with this judgment as well. Furthermore, Dr. Laura has not condemned gays or advocated discrimination against them; rather, she has counseled "reparative therapy" to get them away from the homosexual lifestyle, and offered compassionate therapy to people she believes suffer from a dangerous, unhealthy and ultimately unhappy psychological/behavioral problem.
But GLAAD and other radical gay organizations continue to hound Paramount Television, which carries the Dr. Laura TV program, demanding that it be taken off the air. If Paramount resists removing the popular program her radio show is heard on 450 stations in the United States and Canada, with an estimated 20 million listeners they will use the shrill and censorious power of political correctness to bully the advertisers who make Dr. Laura's show possible. Corporate America lives in absolute dread of "activists" homosexual ones, in particular. These activists have already succeeded in a partial shutdown of Dr. Laura, browbeating two Florida TV stations into canceling shows featuring "Truth in Love" ads that featured former homosexuals who abandoned the gay lifestyle.
Lord help anyone who takes a stand for traditional values in a culture that worships "tolerance" of anything and everything but tolerance.

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