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Baldwin's rage

"Alec Baldwin is still angry at the mild-mannered folks at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. This time, however, the focus of the actor-activist's rage is not the New York Post.

"In a letter to the East Hampton Star, Baldwin lashes into the Fox News [Channel], claiming it 'provides employments to those who would otherwise be overlooked by more legitimate broadcasting outlets.'

"The Sept. 28 missive indicates that Baldwin's ire was brought on by Fox News' saturation coverage of his alleged threat to leave the country if George W. Bush is elected. Baldwin asserts in the letter … that Matt Drudge, 'conservative talk-radio hosts' and Fox News had intentionally misrepresented the facts.

"Baldwin goes on to say that Fox 'operates like the Izvestia of the Republican National Committee' and then implies that there really was a 'vast right-wing conspiracy' behind the whole Monica Lewinsky thing.

"A spokeswoman for Fox News says, 'It is obvious Mr. Baldwin has too much free time on his hands and is in dire need of a boost to revive a staggering career. We wish him luck.' "

Beth Landman Keil and Ian Spiegelman, "Baldwin: No Fox News Is Good News," in the Oct. 16 issue of New York

'Art about art'

"For over 90 years, there has been a concerted and relentless effort to disparage, denigrate and obliterate the reputations, names and brilliance of the academic artistic masters of the late 19th century.

"Fueled by a cooperative press, the ruling powers have held the global art establishment in an iron grip… . It is incredible how close Modernist theory, backed by an enormous network of powerful and influential art dealers, came to acquiring complete control over thousands of museums, university art departments and journalistic art criticism… .

"Modern and Post-Modern Art is nihilistic and anti-human. It denigrates humanity along with our hopes, dreams and the real world we live in. All reference to these things is forbidden in the canonistic halls of Modernist ideology. We can see that their hallowed halls are a vacant vault that locks their devotees away from life and humanity, while stripping mankind of its dignity.

"It has been called exciting and avant-garde, but the sad truth is that it is incredibly humdrum and monotonous.

"Modernism is art about art. It asks the question ad nauseam: What is art? It is art about art, whereas all the great art in history is art about life."

Fred Ross, writing on "The Great 20th-Century Art Scam," in the summer/fall issue of Classical Realism Journal

Gay icons

"From George Washington to John Wayne, America is a country built on heroes men and women who have modeled our greatness, mirrored our potential, and manifested our myths… .

"Like America, we gays and lesbians have defined ourselves both by what we are not and by what we wish to be. Our history too is peopled with icons… .

"As homosexuality has found wider tolerance and even acceptance in mainstream society, our gay icons have undergone a similar transformation. Successful and celebrated in both the gay and straight worlds, they even fall in love, have children and live happily ever after.

"Ellen [DeGeneres] and Anne [Heche], and Melissa [Etheridge] and Julie [Cypher] have been just such role models. These popular celebrities … proved to the straight world that gays and lesbians are entitled to and can create loving, lasting relationships… .

"With sadness and with empathy, wishing Anne and Ellen, and Julie and Melissa the strength they need to begin this new chapter in their lives, we too must move on."

Victoria Price, writing on "What did we expect from them?" in the Oct. 24 issue of the Advocate

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