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The right choice

"Sisters, your womb is sacred. Your womb is the workshop of the Creator. I want you to hear me clearly. Every human being that we love and admire came from the womb of a female … .

"My dear sisters, I understand why you fight for pro-choice, because you are tired of men using you for procreation and pleasure, and you want the right to say, 'I don't want this life.'

"I understand that. But don't let the extreme ignorance of the male cause you to react in a way that is not good for yourself or the future of humanity. You have the right to choose choose well the man that you're going to give yourself to.

Make a good choice, sister. Don't give yourself to a man just because he asks for you. Make sure he's the right man. That's pro-choice.

"Now, listen. In the Bible it says, 'I set before you this day two signs: one of life, one of death. Choose life, that you and your seed may live.' Beloved sisters who are listening to me this afternoon, if you are now expecting a new life, I'm begging you, on behalf of Almighty God, do not abort that life; for that life that you are carrying, I promise you in the name of Allah, that life will be a blessing to you and a blessing to this nation and a blessing to the world."

Minister Louis Farrakhan, in his Oct. 16 speech to the Million Family March, transcribed by Federal News Service


"Even as mega-movie theater chains are filing for Chapter 11, as sales of CDs to teens continue to decline, and as network TV's audience continues to erode, entertainment moguls and media mavens persist in producing 'product' that pleases few and turns off most … .

"The industry has convinced itself that the only appropriate marketing strategy is one that taps into the lowest common denominators. Unable to grasp the full spectrum of mass-market emotions, needs and desires, it plays to the dark edges of society's baser instincts with violence, vulgarity, action, fake sex and real stupidity.

"As a result, there's little in the way of music, movies and mass entertainment for 'the rest of us.' And that's why people stay away. In a story that should have exploded in national headlines but has barely been reported, four major movie theater chains have filed for bankruptcy protection.

"While overbuilding and overcharging were root causes of their downfall, they were also deeply damaged by the lack of a steady stream of blockbuster movies to draw the mass-market audiences needed to fill the megaplexes.

"There are … lessons to be learned from this mega-megaplex fiasco. One, don't buy into the buzz. An entire industry believed: 'If you build it, they will come.' They built too many and people stopped coming."

Gerald Celente, writing on "Mass Market: They Still Don't Get It," in the fall Trends Journal

'Satanic dialectic'

"Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn't the only politician at the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride March in Manhattan last June, but she got the most notice.

"The police had trouble controlling the crowd as she walked behind the Radical Faeries, which featured a man on roller skates who was wearing a silver cape, a tiara, a jockstrap, and nothing else… .

"Now that Vermont has legalized 'gay marriage' and New York has strengthened its 'hate crime' laws, the homosexual movement seems to be on a roll, gathering support from just about every direction… .

"Any creature of polity that does not respond to aggression is doomed. The 'happiness' or complacency of the American people will not be disturbed by truth, nor can it be. Revolutionary reconstruction of the culture can proceed without protest, signified by the smiley-face of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has 'always fought for children' in an abstract and governmental way.

"And the satanic dialectic, which we have accepted, grinds on inexorably."

J.O. Tate, writing in "Cultural Revolutions," in the November issue of Chronicles

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