- The Washington Times - Friday, October 27, 2000

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

Sometimes the hardest thing about paying the monthly bills is finding them in the first place, under all the junk mail.

Nobody would put as little thought and effort into buying an automobile as they put into deciding who to elect as President of the United States.

A friend from India told me that a countryman of his said: “I want to go to America. I want to see a country where poor people are fat.”

Our foreign aid may not have helped many Third World countries, but it has probably helped the economy of Switzerland, where many Third World despots keep their own bank accounts.

Dennis Miller is the worst commentator in the long history of Monday Night Football. Of all his tasteless “humor,” the worst was his making a cheap crack about the Statue of Liberty last Monday night, when the game was played in New York.

Chinese proverb: One joy scatters a hundred griefs.

Regardless of who wins the next election, Congress should change the dates of the fiscal year to have it begin with the calendar year on January 1st and end on December 31st. When the government’s fiscal year ends only a month before election day, that leads almost inevitably to political maneuvering instead of fiscal responsibility — especially since there are Congressional elections every two years.

Australia does not have as large a population as California, and New Zealand does not have as large a population as New York City.

Yankee pitcher Orlando Hernandez is just as much of a man as Fidel Castro. Who then was Castro to tell him where he could or couldn’t live, before El Duque defected from Cuba? And why are people who are so full of “compassion” so little concerned about a whole nation being held prisoner by a dictator?

It has long been said that the President of the United States — whoever he is— is president of all the people. But he is not president of all the fish, reptiles and other supposedly endangered species that are constantly taking precedence over human needs.

After all of Al Gore’s “re-inventions” of himself, it would be good to be able to say: “Will the real Al Gore please stand up?” But there may not be any real Al Gore. When you peel away all the layers of an onion, there is nothing left, because the onion just consists of those layers.

Personally, I have nothing against the rich, but I do get tired of hearing about them during election years — as in “tax cuts for the rich.”

Fox News Network has serious and insightful journalists like Brit Hume, Tony Snow and Fred Barnes. Why then do they spoil it by having smart-alecky young newscasters who treat the news like some kind of joke?

Parents who want a sample of the kinds of indoctrination that go on in public schools behind their backs should visit the web site of the Parents’ Rights Coalition: (www.parentsrightscoalition.org).

Why does the government keep wasting tons of copper producing pennies, when decades of inflation have made them virtually worthless? This is shown by the fact that some stores leave dishes of pennies by the cash register, to help customers make change.

I am the same age as the Empire State Building, but it seems to be more trim and in much better condition.

A statistician referred to home-schooling parents as “conservative nuts” — until he did a study that showed home-schooled children scoring higher on tests than 70 to 80 percent of public school children.

It is amazing how many of the intelligentsia call it “greed” to want to keep what you have earned, but not greed to want to take away what somebody else has earned, and let politicians use it to buy votes.

Rush Limbaugh makes more serious points while clowning around than a whole page full of New York Times columnists make while being solemn and pompous.

Two of the best introductions to the realities of today’s politics are books by a liberal and a conservative — “The United States of Ambition” by Alan Ehrenhalt and “It’s My Party” by Peter Robinson. The latter is lighter and wittier but both are solid.

We have tears for when we have nothing else.

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