- The Washington Times - Monday, October 30, 2000

Slap in the face

“With the help of his campaign fund-raising buddies in Red China, Bill Clinton has found a new way to shanghai American women.

“And as hard as it may be to believe, the stain of shame he created by his lecherous abuse of Monica Lewinsky is hardly more than foreplay compared to the new move he’s about to put on our wives, daughters and sisters.

“In his last payback to the Communist Chinese who illegally funded his 1996 re-election campaign Bill and his stooges at the Food and Drug Administration have granted to China the sole manufacturing rights for the abortion drug RU-486.

“Even for … Clinton, this is an outrageous final slap in the face to women everywhere and one that will require more than just a little ice to ease the pain.

“For proof of that, you can ask any of millions of Chinese women who have been physically coerced into taking RU-486. For the last nine years, this poisonous pill has been the Chinese government’s chief enforcement tool for getting women to comply with their mandatory one-child per family policy… .

“This, of course, is the kind of gruesome business the communists have always been good at killing millions of their own citizens and quietly disposing of the remains.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, in her Friday commentary, “Shanghaied By Clinton”

American faith

“[Former President Jimmy] Carter’s recent decision to sever ties with the [Southern Baptist Conference] he lamented its ‘increasingly rigid’ creeds when he announced this leave-taking a week ago must have been painful. His Southern Baptist loyalty is deep… . To this day, he continues to be a Bible-toting, Bible-quoting Sunday School teacher.

“Yet Mr. Carter has been at odds with Southern Baptist conservatives for some time. Narrowly elected with their strong support in 1976, they abandoned him for Ronald Reagan in 1980… .

“While Mr. Carter’s defection may please some anti-SBC moderates, it will not have much effect on most Baptists… .

“Describing the difficulty of taking leave of his native denomination, Mr. Carter said: ‘For me, being a Southern Baptist has always been like being an American.’ Just so.”

Timothy George, writing on “Jimmy Says Farewell,” in Friday’s Wall Street Journal

Equal hate?

“When is a hate crime not a hate crime? Perhaps when the victim is white and the perpetrator black.

“In April, Kevin Shifflett, an 8-year-old white boy playing in his great-grandparents’ front yard in Alexandria … was slashed to death in broad daylight by a knife-wielding black man screaming anti-white epithets.

“From the beginning, the case was handled oddly. Authorities concealed the suspect’s race, even though revealing this information might have helped catch the suspect sooner… .

“The national media, which have been quick to give saturation coverage to hate crimes against blacks and homosexuals, have all but ignored the Shifflett case… . Now … it appears that the defendant will not even be charged with a hate crime… .

“Of course, a hate crime charge would make no difference in the fate of [suspect Gregory Devon] Murphy. If convicted, Mr. Murphy will likely receive the death penalty. If anything, the Shifflett case demonstrates that hate crime laws are superfluous.

“But it also demonstrates that the left’s fixation on hate crimes is more about politics than progress… .

“In fact, the Shifflett murder case shatters one of the main premises of the racial left that whites have a monopoly on hatred. Blacks and whites are equally capable of acting like monsters.”

Scott Rubush, writing on “Black Hate on Trial,” Thursday in Front Page magazine at www.frontpage.com

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