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Cabinet material

Due to the outcry over our interview with supermodel Christie Brinkley, a staunch supporter of Al Gore, we thought it only fair to approach supermodel Kim Alexis, who says she's "so concerned for our country right now and the outcome of this election" that she's been fasting (water only) every Tuesday until Election Day.
"During the fasting days, I pray more frequently that the people in our great nation see the truth of who God wants to govern our country," she says. "A lot of people are turned off by this presidential campaign, and they do not feel like they want to vote. I believe that if the wrong man gets elected to our highest office then our nation will be set back in many ways. We are at a crossroads right now."
So who's the right man?
"I strongly support George W. Bush," she replies. "I think he has much more integrity."
Now a modeling consultant, author, syndicated TV host ("Parenting and Beyond"), and full-time mom, Mrs. Alexis recently taped a "pro-life" TV commercial now airing over CNN, TBS, TNT and PAX.
"The commercial is about loving all children those born and yet to be born," she explains. "I personally believe the 'life' issue is important in picking a candidate, as it tells the integrity and beliefs of the man. I want a president with strong moral principles because I believe that if our country and each one of us do not keep God's laws, then we will not be blessed by God."
She now avoids Hollywood, she says, because "a lot of trash is being filmed," and would like "stricter controls" on movies, video games, music and books.
"I have three sons, and I have to review what movies they see," she says. "I try to let my boys play outside and have other healthy alternatives instead of staying inside and watching TV."
While she has no daughters, Mrs. Alexis sits on the national advisory board for Kingdom Princess, which provides day retreats for moms and daughters to help keep open channels of communication.

Trick or treat

Don't be frightened if Al Gore appears on your doorstep tonight.
Yes, Gore Halloween masks are selling like government secrets, but unlike the real creature, give this Gore candy and he'll go away.

Special election

Somebody in the union shop goofed, issuing notice of yesterday's Teamsters National Action Day mobilizing union voters on behalf of Teamster-supported candidates a month too late:
"Teamster members and volunteers will spread out to work sites all across the country as part of a Teamsters National Action Day on Monday, November 30 [sic]. At these work sites, Teamster members will be given information on political candidates that the union is supporting in their area and at the national level."
Says Teamsters President James P. Hoffa: "With so many close races at the local, state, and federal levels, the Teamsters will be the determining factor in the fall elections."
Says one Republican National Committee official: "I'm glad they're getting organized for November 30. Like other segments of Al Gore's base, the Teamsters obviously aren't too excited about campaigning for the vice president, either."

Beating stress

"Please help us tell the world about this perfect Christmas gift," writes Randy Bettencourt of Skylark Toys, a company proud to present, among other political bags, the Hillary Rodham Clinton Talking Desktop Punching Bag.
"An evolving line of talking celebrity punching bags for your, and your colleagues' bopping pleasure," explains Mr. Bettencourt. "They say five impersonated phrases each when batted about. A great stress reliever."

Who's your daddy?

Our friends at America Online are asking subscribers what job Bill Clinton should tackle next?
Chief of staff to Sen. Hillary Clinton
Hollywood producer
Standup comedian
Used-car salesman
Host of the talk show "I feel your pain."
While these jobs make us chuckle, Inside the Beltway readers have proven to have far more intelligent imaginations. So please send all future job openings fitting for Mr. Clinton to the e-mail address found below, or else write to John McCaslin, Inside the Beltway, 3600 New York Ave., NE., Washington, D.C. 20002.
First-place winner of the job deemed suitable for publication wins the new "Clinton Liebrary Book," by James R. Wrenn Jr.
First-place winner of the job deemed unsuitable for publication wins the special collector's edition of the new CD: "Our Leaders are Corrupt: A Tribute to America's Corrupt Leaders," featuring among other hits "Bring Us Your Guns," "Wag That Dog," "Stained," and "Do You Mind if I Call You Daddy, Daddy?"

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