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Going negative

Sierra-Nader war

The head of the Sierra Club yesterday lashed out at Ralph Nader for a letter to voters in which the Green Party candidate criticized Vice President Al Gore’s environmental record.

Mr. Nader also was accused of breaking a promise to many of the supporters who helped get his name on the ballot in most states.

“You pledged you would not campaign as a spoiler and would avoid the swing states,” wrote Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club. “Your recent campaign rhetoric and campaign schedule make it clear that you have broken this pledge.”

Mr. Nader dismissed similar claims during a news conference yesterday, the Associated Press reports. He said he had promised to campaign in all 50 states when he accepted the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

Mr. Nader said last week in an open letter to environmentalists that a Gore win means “that any and all environmental positions taken by the candidate will be subject to mutation and subjugation to his corporate agenda… . [and] that the environmental community is for sale.”

Mr. Pope’s letter said a win by Republican George W. Bush would be too catastrophic for such caviling.

“Until you can answer how you will protect the people and places who will be put in harm’s way, or destroyed, by a Bush presidency, you have no right to slander those who disagree with you as ‘servile.’ ” Mr. Pope said.

‘The Body’ clams up

Gov. Jesse Ventura, a man with a reputation for speaking his mind, apparently won’t share his preference for a winner in the presidential race.

Not even fellow political outsider Ralph Nader is likely to get the former pro wrestler’s open support, although the two will share the stage for a town-hall meeting today in Minnesota, a state still up for grabs.

“He just is sticking with his decision not to endorse,” Ventura spokesman John Wodele told the Associated Press.

Mr. Ventura’s appearance at the University of Minnesota for the ABC program “Nightline” could help muffle the warning from some liberals that a vote for Mr. Nader is a wasted vote or an effective vote for Republican George W. Bush, said Nader spokeswoman Stacy Malkan.

Bipartisan solution


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