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Abortion pill use in schools debated

PARIS The National Assembly began debate yesterday on the Socialist government's plan to allow public school nurses in France to distribute a morning-after contraception pill in junior and senior high schools.

The pill, called Norlevo, if taken within 72 hours after intercourse, prevents pregnancy by blocking the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Opponents claim it amounts to abortion.

Last year, Socialist Deputy Education Minister Segolene Royal authorized school nurses to give out the pill.

But the Council of State later struck down the decision on technical grounds.

German court convicts neo-Nazi arsonists

BERLIN With politicians pledging to hit right-wing extremists with the full force of the law, an eastern German court sentenced a man and a teen-ager yesterday to long sentences for attempted murder in a firebomb attack on a Vietnamese family.

Marcel Hanwald, 23, was sentenced to nine years and his 16-year-old accomplice, Andreas Pischel, received five years from the court in Potsdam for throwing two Molotov cocktails through an open window of the family's apartment in May.

The couple, their young child and two guests escaped unharmed.

Far-right influences Belgium elections

BRUSSELS Seven million Belgians vote Sunday for city and provincial councils in a ballot seen as a test of the strength of a far-right party.

The ruling liberals and socialists hope their tax cuts and economic-growth policies at the national level will be rewarded in local balloting.

But attention will be on the Vlaams Blok, a party that campaigns against immigrants and pledges to get tough on crime.

Islamic militants strike in Algeria, killing 12

ALGIERS Islamic militants staged two bomb attacks, killing 12 Algerian soldiers and wounding six others, news reports said yesterday.

In one attack in the eastern Skikda region, two military vehicles were ambushed by militants who planted a bomb on a road near a military outpost, the daily El Wattan reported.

After the soldiers' trucks set off the explosive Tuesday night, the armed assailants opened fire, killing 10 soldiers and wounding four others, the daily El Wattan reported. Two people died in another bombing.

Spain arrests Basque terror sympathizers

MADRID Police yesterday arrested nine persons suspected of providing political and financial support for the outlawed Basque separatist group ETA.

Among those arrested was Carlos Trenor Dicente, a city council member in the coastal resort of San Sebastian who represents ETA's political wing, Euskal Herritarrok.

The ETA has claimed responsibility for 12 killings this year in a series of car bombings and shootings, eight since June.

European court OKs tobacco billboards

BRUSSELS Europe's highest court yesterday overturned legislation banning tobacco advertising in the European Union, dealing a major blow to EU health policy.

The court said the ban was illegal because it was introduced as a single-market measure, rather than one that required unanimous backing from all EU member states.

The European Commission, the author of the law, put a brave face on the result, saying the court had merely clarified what was and was not possible.

Conservatives rap Blair's government

Conservative leader William Hague taunted Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday, calling his government "arrogant and out of touch" and demanding an immediate election.

"We're ready for that election whenever Tony Blair now dares to call it," he told the Conservatives, also known as Tories, in the closing speech of their conference in Bournemouth.

He told the most upbeat Tory conference since the party's 1997 election defeat that they were now "ready for government."

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