- The Washington Times - Friday, October 6, 2000

The Boy Scouts are under attack again this time here in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where a local mother of an eight-year-old boy is refusing to allow her son to be involved with an organization she believes teaches hateful values. Susie Collins, mother of the child, told The Washington Post that "Our family does not agree with discrimination against anyone, including homosexuals." Accordingly, she will not permit her son to join the Scouts because of the organization's ban on gays within its ranks. She even had her son accost the audience at a subsequent Anne Arundel County Board of Education meeting, where he demanded to know why the school district was permitting the Scouts to use school facilities, given their odious pattern of "discriminatory" conduct.

Followers of this issue are aware that the Boy Scouts have been targeted by homosexual groups since the Supreme Court affirmed the youth organization's right to establish criteria for members and leaders that precludes participation by open, avowed homosexuals. The object now is to pressure businesses and schools to quit providing financial support or allowing the use of facilities by Scout troops. Several large companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Levi Strauss and Texron, Inc. have caved to the pressure of gay activists and cut funding to the Scouts. Sadly, several school districts around the country in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York have likewise bowed to the pressure of these extremist groups and their heavy-handed deployment of the dread cry, "discrimination!"

Martin Thompson's mom is merely the latest to join the jeremiad. So far, happily, it does not appear that she will succeed in forcing the Anne Arundel School System to disassociate itself from the Scouts or forbid them to use school facilities. Only Martin Thompson's mother has raised a stink. So far… .

Consider the topsy-turvy nature of this "civil rights" struggle: Instead of a disenfranchised group seeking to enjoy the same political, legal and social rights as the dominant ethnic group, we have a small group of people participating in an elective "lifestyle choice." Rather than being content to be left in peace, they are now demanding that the wider society embrace their lifestyle that they must acknowledge it as equivalent and equally good. Children must be taught that this is so. Anything less is you guessed it discrimination.

The question is whether an exhausted and confused culture will yield to their demands. Will the Boy Scouts be forced to go underground, disband or abandon their commitment to the values they cherish?

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