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Running over

"You may have noticed that as days get shorter in autumn, movies tend to get longer. That's because movies looking for Oscar attention traditionally get released during the last quarter, and there's a strong correlation between movies that want Oscars and movies that aren't over by the time you run out of popcorn… . This summer, 'What Lies Beneath' ran two hours and 10 minutes. When glossed-up horror flicks can usurp the prerogative of Oscar-level films to induce numbness in moviegoers, perhaps those who produce films of more enduring artistic merit should think about differentiating their gems from lowlier fare by shortening the running times.

"With Oscar bait preparing to sweep onto screens, it's a good time to evaluate the heretical theory that shorter is now better in the race for gold. Consider the results from last spring's Academy Awards. The winner, 'American Beauty,' ran a zippy two hours and one minute… . Now consider one of the big also-rans of last year, 'The Green Mile.' This film, which received four nominations and zero awards, ran a staggering three hours and eight minutes… . Know how long the unexpected nomination-grabber 'The Sixth Sense' was? A speedy one hour and 46 minutes.

"Given the epidemic levels of Attention Deficit Disorder currently afflicting our society, it's surprising that Hollywood lets directors have their way with movie length."

Virginia Campbell, writing in the October issue of Movieline

'Perfectly natural'

"One of the things I have said that upsets people is, 'It is natural for the sexes to be attracted to each other.' It seems so simple and obvious, but when queer activists and feminists hear that, those are fighting words. But I believe the hormones that kick in at puberty are enormously powerful. It is an incredible, instinctual imperative. When someone says, 'I am a gay man, and I am not attracted to women at all,' there is something wrong there. People hate to hear me say that. I am sure they will say, 'She is just like Dr. Laura!' … I am not saying, 'Stop being gay.' Not at all! … At the same time, it is perfectly natural to be attracted to the other sex. Back in the early '90s I said, 'I am not interested in any woman who is not attracted to men.' People went ballistic over that, too. But what I meant is that a woman who is attracted to men is at home with her own body and her own psyche even if she is a lesbian… .

"I am beginning to wonder if there is not some misogyny in the attitude of certain gay men toward ['Dr. Laura' talk show host Laura Schlessinger]. Because I have seen negative references to her as a menopausal woman. Hello? Where is that coming from? So, you do not want your mother to be critical of your gayness? The anti-Laura campaign is a mother fixation in a weird way."

Camille Paglia, lesbian feminist, interviewed in the September issue of Girlfriends

Pro-life rapper?

"If Kid Rock is willing to confirm the reality of post-abortion trauma in men who have participated in the killing of their pre-born children, then why does Big Abortion deny that post-abortion trauma exists? …

"In his song called 'Abortion,' from the album 'The History of Rock,' Kid Rock torments over a father's loss of his aborted son… .

"These haunting lyrics tell the tale of a man so tormented with post-abortion suffering that he is on the threshold of committing suicide… .

"Big Abortion makes money by withholding information about the consequences of abortion. Greed is one of the main motives behind Big Abortion. Let the killing stop, and let the healing begin. Abortion has already claimed tens of millions of my generation."

Erik Whittington, director of Rock for Life, in a Wednesday press release

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