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'Utmost of love'

"Another celebrity lesbian couple is calling it quits.

"Rocker Melissa Etheridge and her girlfriend, director Julie Cypher, announced Tuesday they were ending their relationship after 12 years. The couple has two small children together.

" 'With the utmost of love and respect for one another, we have decided to separate,' the couple announced in a statement released by Etheridge's label, Island Records.

" 'As committed parents, our top priority continues to be what is in the best interest of our children. Though elements of our lives will change, our family will always remain intact.'

"Etheridge and Cypher were one of Hollywood's most famous lesbian couples, after Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, who announced their breakup last month.

"Cypher gave birth to the couple's 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. In January, they revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that rock legend David Crosby was the children's biological father, donating the sperm so the couple could conceive through artificial insemination.

"Etheridge's publicist, Sheila Richman, … [said] the couple would not discuss custody issues or any other details of the split."

from an Associated Press item yesterday

'Puerile rabble'

"Modern Liberalism favors the relative ethics of Humanism and Socialism sprinkled creatively with Judeo-Christian teachings.

"Its cardinal dogma is that 'the ends justify the means,' or 'anything goes' just so long as the political goals of the revolution are served.

"It is a flexible creed, which turns a blind eye to any dilemma of conscience that a constant round of moral reversals should cause, one which fights against all religious involvement in public life while aggressively campaigning for a broader and broader interpretation of what is public… .

"The truth is, Modern Liberalism does not oppose moral law, rather it haughtily believes that it has a fresher, higher, smarter moral perspective than that contrived by the rough and puerile rabble, and thus the advocates of this creed feel compelled to share it, to order it, to mandate it. With the power of the state behind them, they have met with great success in decreeing their religion throughout the land… .

"This is the ideology of Modern Liberalism … and the fact that roughly 50 percent of all Americans worship before this altar of state, begging for free food, unjust privileges and endless moral accommodations, it is a sad testimony of the pathetic state of religion, morality, and education in the United States today."

Steve Farrell, on "Missing the Mark With Religion," Sept. 18 in NewsMax at www.newsmax.com

Missing warrior

"Lynne Cheney recently told reporters that she doesn't like being called 'strident' or 'combative.'

"The former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities … showed her moderate side at the Republican National Convention, where she introduced her husband, Dick, the vice-presidential nominee… . But somehow she wasn't very convincing… .

"What was missing from the portrayal was the right-wing warrior who used her post at the NEH to fight the Republican culture wars of the '80s; the ideologue who, after continuing to serve as head of the NEH through the Bush years, resigned following Clinton's election and moved to the American Enterprise Institute to write op-ed hit pieces, and later co-hosted the now-defunct CNN show 'Crossfire Sunday' she was the one 'on the right.'

"In her heyday, Lynne Cheney was not just a conservative gadfly; after she targeted the National History Standards in 1994, the Senate voted 99 to 1 in support of her call to defund the project. Very few opinion writers ever experience that kind of triumph."

Jon Wiener, writing on "Hard to Muzzle," in the Oct. 2 issue of the Nation

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