- The Washington Times - Friday, September 22, 2000

Sonny Jurgensen has been promoted to general manager of the Redskins by Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Cris Collinsworth.
This comes as a shock to Jurgensen, if not to Vinny Cerrato, who, as director of player personnel, is in charge of providing an ear and a hand to the Boy Owner at each game.
"I don't know who the general manager is over there," Long says.
Sonny or Vinny? Vinny or Sonny?
Leave it to the media to create a general manager controversy.
The team's press guide is intended to resolve such confusion. If it helps, Cerrato's biography is on Page 11.
The identity crisis is emblematic of the funk enveloping the Redskins. They are 1-2, and the discarded tape is hitting the floor.
Brett Conway checked out with a few parting shots after he received news of his banishment from his agent and not his employers.
There's nothing like kicking a kicker when he is down, and understandably, Conway made it a point to kick back, his strained quadriceps notwithstanding.
Conway's messy end follows a well-established pattern, and Jurgensen probably is innocent.
Perhaps Irving Fryar can explain. He sometimes sees it as a duty to interpret the misunderstandings between the aggrieved and the Boy Owner.
The grass is greener on Fryar's side, no thanks to two ex-groundskeepers.
The two have filed a lawsuit against the Boy Owner after it was decided their thumbs weren't green enough.
They apparently fought the crab grass and daffodils in Ashburn, and to their regret, the crab grass and daffodils won.
They claim to be victims of a heavy hand, the damage not limited to their green thumbs. Their gray matter hurts, too.
Bad news is said to come in threes, four if you count Dana Stubblefield being charged with domestic assault.
Cory Raymer re-injuring his knee qualifies as five.
At this pace, Sunday's game with the undefeated Giants offers relief.
No one is counting out the Redskins yet, just counting the teams ahead of them in the NFC, notably the Buccaneers and Rams.
The Super Bowl has been dropped from the Washington lexicon, its passing different from Raljon's.
This abrupt reevaluation comes amid a growing obsession with the quarterback position. That, too, is an ominous sign, whether you like Billy or Sonny or Vinny.
Norv Turner is reluctant to go there after his unsatisfying experience with Heath and Gus.
The hand-wringing turned out to be misguided, the trust in Gus misplaced, although Brad Johnson and Jeff George, to their credit, have shown no interest in head-butting a concrete wall.
The Redskins are down to taking it one emergency at a time. Their backs would be pressed against the wall if they were not in the fetal position.
This could be good. Football teams sometimes play best while imagining Oliver Stone-like conspiracies and a world, including one-plus billion Chinese, aligned against them.
Hype cuts both ways. The Redskins are only one victory away from feeling whole again. That feeling may be temporary as well, but life in the NFL is like that.
You have only 16 games to define your worthiness, so the ups and downs are acute.
The Redskins are not at rock bottom, but they appear to be working on it.
They have legal issues, a peeved ex-kicker, a re-injured Raymer, a simmering quarterback position and an appeal from Bradshaw, Long and Collinsworth to clarify the front office.
Sonny or Vinny?
Brad or Jeff?
Who's in the front office, what's in the lawsuit and I don't know is on the field.
The situation is not impossible, just destructive. Conway mentioned a number of fingers being pointed. He left out the specifics.
The team's luggage is getting heavier by the day. Luggage, incidentally, is what prompted the yellow flag at the Stubblefield home.
The trip to the Jimmy Hoffa burial grounds undoubtedly is starting to look good to the Redskins.
The environment, however antagonistic, appears more hospitable than home sweet home.

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