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Hollywood family

"Until recently, [actress] Kate Hudson had spent her entire life as Goldie Hawn's daughter… .

"But Hudson is far more complicated than a Goldie clone, and she is about to become a lot better known… . [In] 'Almost Famous,' Cameron Crowe's long-awaited DreamWorks movie about the rock world in 1973 … Hudson plays a lovely groupie named Penny Lane… .

"Although Hudson grew up in a stereotypically fractured Hollywood family, Hawn and [her common-law husband Kurt] Russell have managed to forge strong bonds with and among their assorted children. Kate and Oliver Hudson are products of Hawn's second marriage, to Bill Hudson, a musician … .

"Hawn and Russell got involved when Kate was three, and began living together shortly thereafter, although they have never married. Their household also includes 20-year-old Boston, Russell's son from his marriage to actress Season Hubley, and 14-year-old Wyatt, the child Russell and Hawn had together… .

"Bill is now married to Cindy Williams, the former 'Laverne and Shirley' star, with whom he has two children, Emily and Zack yet another batch of half-siblings for Kate and Oliver."

Leslie Bennetts, writing on "In Kate Country," in the October issue of Vanity Fair

Hollywood party

" 'A woman sleeps with a sleazy gangster to get her bank robber husband out of jail, promising to do another bank job for him. When they are doublecrossed, they flee the mob and the cops while questioning their own loyalty to each other.

"The unrated version includes a steamier scene with Basinger and Baldwin.' Thus, the plot of the 1994 movie 'Getaway,' which consisted almost entirely of scenes of gross violence interspersed with scenes of explicit sex.

"The movie's star, Democratic activist Alec Baldwin, has now announced that should George W. Bush be elected, he will leave the United States. His wife, Kim Basinger, warns us that we had better believe what Baldwin says, because 'Alec is the biggest moralist I know.'

"Meanwhile, Julia Roberts … declared at a Gore fund-raiser that she could never vote Republican because "Republican" is right between "reptile" and "repugnant" in the dictionary.

"President Eisenhower warned his countrymen to beware the growing might of the military-industrial complex. The showbiz-activist complex is not to be bewared, exactly; but it would be nice if it could be ignored."

from "The Week," in the Oct. 9 issue of National Review

Define 'dead'

"Just how dead is 'brain-dead'? Last week, an editorial in the journal Anesthesia commented on the growing evidence that brain-dead organ donors may actually feel pain … .

"It is well-documented that organ donors can wiggle their toes and their blood pressure can increase dramatically during surgery … .

"It is interesting to note that the definition of brain death as a state of irreversible unconsciousness was only developed in 1968 one year after the race to transplant human organs had begun. In fact, it is the opinion of some that brain death is nothing more than an artificial construct created to enable doctors to pursue their goals of harvesting live human organs … .

"Doctors in London, England, will host a conference this fall on the contentious issue of 'fetal awareness.' That is, how much pain can a fetus feel and, in particular, how much pain is felt during an abortion? Doctors are now calling for all abortions done between 17 and 24 weeks of pregnancy to be performed under anesthesia.

"Many doctors … state the unborn are not capable of feeling pain since there is no developed nervous system prior to 26 weeks. Yet, among the most disturbing reports is that of 21-week-old fetuses that were heard to cry out during abortions."

Susan Martinuk, writing on "The pain of the almost dead" Aug. 30 in the [Toronto] National Post

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