- The Washington Times - Friday, September 29, 2000

I'm going to take it one thought at a time today:

Bob Knight appeared to have a better time with Larry Live than with Jeremy Schapp.

Marion Jones is not necessarily guilty because of her marriage to C.J. Hunter, but it certainly is fair to wonder.

Bob Knight told Larry Live that Michael Jordan is the best player ever in team sports, Tony La Russa is a managerial genius and, contrary to conventional wisdom, he may help Isiah Thomas and the Pacers in some capacity this season.

That means Rik Smits retired just in time.

You needed to be a saint to coach Rik Smits, if coach is the right word.

Rik Smits committed just as many silly fouls late in his career as he did early in his career.

C.J. Hunter breaking down in tears was a nice touch.

NBC is obsessed with setting the mood in Sydney.

Peter Warrick used to be somebody until he fell into the black hole in Cincinnati.

Next time Jets coach Al Groh feels an urge to pull Vinny Testaverde from a game, he might want to inform the quarterback.

Bob Knight and Rik Smits would have been a bad idea, no matter how Smits might have addressed Knight.

If C.J. Hunter is as innocent as he claims after flunking four drug tests, he should be outraged.

By the time NBC is done setting the mood, you've lost the mood to watch.

C.J. Hunter's Oscar-worthy performance was just too good, what with his claim that track and field is no longer that important to him.

C.J. Hunter was only the world champion in the shot put in 1999 and was only one of the gold medal favorites going into the Sydney Games.

But no big deal.

Whatever you say, C.J.

Keep those tear ducts on call.

I guess this means C.J. Hunter won't be on the Wheaties box with Marion Jones.

Who cares about being on the Wheaties box anyway?

Bob Knight also told Larry Live that he probably was a better baseball player than basketball player and that baseball is sort of his first love.

There's a thought: Bob Knight going nose-to-nose with an umpire.

They apparently still let tennis players compete in the Olympics.

Is Bela Karolyi done yet blaming everyone but himself?

Kurt Warner is ridiculous.

49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens says he plays with emotion, which explains everything, including his fondness of the Cowboys' star logo.

Steve Mariucci coaches with emotion, too, which explains why Terrell Owens received a one-game suspension.

But here's the problem: Terrell Owens thinks it's all right to play with emotion but not to coach with emotion.

No shirt-removing celebration for Brandi Chastain this time, which probably is just as well.

It is not nice to objectify a woman in a sports bra, as if a woman in a sports bra is unusual.

You're not an upscale health club unless you have a good number of women working out with only sports bras on top.

Brandi Chastain was having a good time, and America, this space included, decided to go along with it.

Unfortunately, fun is against the religion of feminists.

Jenny Thompson, if you must pose for a photographer in the future, wear a parka.

The Knicks can't be finished maneuvering yet, not with Glen Rice joining a team that already has two able perimeter players in Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell.

Horace Grant is reunited with the Zen master after six seasons. That is an incense thing. You wouldn't understand.

Rik Smits brings to three the number of starters to depart from the Pacers since last season.

Maybe this finally will be the Heat's season to reach the NBA Finals.

This is not to dimiss Sam Perkins or Zan Tabak, the two players entrusted with impersonating a center until Isiah Thomas finds help.

Rik Smits was not merely a threat to foul out in five minutes; he was a competent low-post threat on offense.

You can be certain Madison Avenue types are trying to measure the impact the C.J. Hunter mess may have on Marion Jones' endorsement potential.

That is assuming Marion Jones passes all her tests, and not just those inside the stadium.

And finally, say what you want, but NBC has not allowed the two or three interesting competitions in Sydney to get in the way of its mood pieces and commercial breaks.

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