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Parents beware: There is a new oppressed minority on college campuses these days, and it is not women, blacks, Latinos or gays. In fact in this era of ultra-political correctness at universities, these other groups enjoy such an exalted status of privilege that even the most unintended slur can lead a student to instant expulsion. No, the group that has fallen into great disfavor is the white male. You see, your son is an oppressor and is being forced to pay for the sins of his father and grandfathers.
It is a well-established fact that radical feminism has taken over the culture, especially at the elite East Coast universities. In a recent, brilliant article in the Boston Globe titled "Women's rights, men wrong," a junior at the University of Massachusetts complains, "It's getting tough to be a guy around here." A rape on campus had converted the entire white male population into a suspected class. The anti-male bias has started to border on the preposterous. At Antioch College, the school has issued a dos-and-don'ts rule book for how to round the bases with a co-ed. You now have to get verbal permission from the woman at each stage of courtship i.e., "May I kiss you?" This may seem to take the allure and spontaneity out of a relationship, but better to ask than risk a lawsuit.
They also seem hell bent on draining all the fun out of college life. Colleges are places for rabble-rousing. For men to lose their boyhood innocence. To do stupid things. To stay out way too late drinking. To chase skirts. (At the University of Illinois, we used to say that the best thing about Sunday nights was sleeping alone.) It's all a time-tested rite of passage into adulthood. And the women seemed to survive just fine. If they were so oppressed and offended by drunken, lustful frat boys, why is it that on Friday nights they showed up in droves in tight skirts to the keg parties?
Now all that is turning into a bygone era. How is this for sacrilege? Dartmouth has announced plans to open up fraternities to women. Many schools now require men to go through a sensitivity training during their orientation. Can you imagine Bluto of Animal House suffering through this indignity?
Alan Koors who has written the definitive book on political correctness on campus, "Shadow University," told the Boston Globe: "If colleges believed in truth in advertising, this is what their catalogs would start off with: 'We believe your sons are the sexist privileged beneficiaries of a system of patriarchy, and thus we'll assign them unequal rights.' " And for the privilege of your sons tolerating this nuttiness, parents, you get to shell out $25,000 a year in tuition. Such a bargain.
Well, fortunately, help is on the way. The magazine Men's Health has now issued a rating of the least and most anti-male colleges in the country. It is not very scientific and based largely on anecdotes, but nonetheless it can serve as an invaluable guide in helping your son choose a school where he will not be treated as an oppressor. The top eight anti-male schools, according to Men's Health are:

Antioch College
Brown University
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Georgetown University
Oberlin College
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Michigan
The good news is that there are a few schools left in America where the anti-male climate is not completely out of hand. Princeton, Indiana, Vanderbilt, and Washington & Lee make the list of male-friendly schools.
Parents with daughters should also take note of the list unless you want your little girl to come back home four years later radically feminized and inculcated with a creed that makes them angry at half the human race. One tipoff is how many resources the college devotes to programs like "women's studies" and black history. The teachers of these courses tend to be the last embittered and doctrinaire Marxists left on the planet. A women named Arlene Avakian at the University of Massachusetts responded to the news that her school was rated male-hostile by preaching: "You'd think it's a good campus for men because they could learn more about women's issues so they could work to create a more humane world." Now, do you really want to spend money to have your daughter taught by a nut case like that?
Colleges are supposed to be places of free thought and free expression. For exploration and new frontiers of knowledge. They are now the opposite: the most closed-minded places on the face of the Earth, where any statement that might somehow insult another is regarded as evil and unforgivable. One UMass senior said something very sad but revealing about modern university life: "It's like walking on egg shells around here. You don't know if someone is looking at you like a rapist."
Universities have been converted into paragons of closed-mindedness. The hate that they so despise that was once directed at women and minorities is now openly directed at men. Parents and taxpayers still have the power of the purse. It is time to fight back before the university system is destroyed.

Stephen Moore is an adjunct fellow at the Cato Institute.

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