- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Rosies scenario
"Want to waste three bucks and see the world through the eyes of an annoying, overweight, loudmouth celebrity?
"Check out Rosie, the latest self-absorbed celebrity magazine this one by talk-show host and 'Editorial Director Rosie ODonnell. Trying to appeal to and portray the typical mom, Rosie comes off as a cheap Martha Stewart wannabe, with all the vulgarity she exudes on her TV show. Its ODonnells manless, frumpy, calorically-challenged reality the print version.
"The cover features ODonnell in a seemingly romantic hug with the only person more annoying than she 'The Nanny actress, Fran Drescher. And theres the de rigueur gun-control article.
"Then, there are the fashion advertisements. No hot, sexy, thin 'Victorias Secret models. Instead there are pages of models for plus-size clothing lines and 'minimizer underwear.
"The only real man in the publication is that hunky, macho cowboy in the Stetson Cologne ad. He looks mighty uncomfortable and out of place smothered in 'Rosies pages. Husbands, committed men, dont exist in Rosie.
"And given the hypocrisy underlying this phony magazine, thats no surprise.
"ODonnell was officially outed as a lesbian in the cover story of the March 5 issue of New York magazine.
"Would all those housewives across America relate to Rosie and her kids, if they knew she is a lesbian? Not likely. And Rosie knows it."
Debbie Schlussel, writing on "Rosie: Hypocrisy in bloom, " Friday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Planned anarchy

"In anticipation of the 2001 Summit of the Americas, commencing Friday in Quebec City, heads of state from the 34 member nations have no doubt done their fair share of homework. But not as much, its safe to say, as the thousands of activists who hope to turn the event into the same kind of mass protest staged in Seattle in 1999 and in Prague in 2000.
"They plan to stage a Carnival Against Capitalism in the city itself and various disruptions along the U.S.-Canada border.
"In late March, about 200 representatives of the groups attended a planning session in Quebec City. They agreed to divide protests into three "ways of being": strictly legal, peaceful but possibly illegal and the euphemistic 'diversity of tactics, a category that may include property destruction or clashes with the police."
Andrew OHehir, writing on "How to Plan Chaos, " in Sundays New York Times Magazine

PC riots

"For all I know, the Cincinnati police force is as racist and corrupt as its detractors say it is; well find out soon enough. But thats not the point.
"When blacks riot, attacking white folks or Korean-Americans simply for no other reason than their skin color or race, theres so much media-thumbsucking about the pent-up frustrations of black people living under racist circumstances, theres probably not a viable thumbprint left among the entire New York Times editorial board. In such circumstances, its all context. 'Blacks are merely reacting to whatever white journalists happen to feel guilty about this week.
"But when whites attack blacks, well thats cut and dry. Its a hate crime. Its racism.
"It may well be racism. And I am sure that if a gang of white thugs dragged a black woman from a car in Cincinnati this week, the media would be freaking out about 'lynch mobs and the like. But when some black thugs did pull a white woman from a car this week, there was almost complete silence. If the situation were reversed, we would be looking at video of white people throwing rocks at black motorists for weeks and months on end."
Jonah Goldberg, writing on "Equal opportunity hate, " Friday in National Review online at www.nationalreview.com

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