- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Ted Turner, CNN founder and man of the ill-timed comment, is not content to eschew religion himself and leave others to take decisions for themselves on this weighty subject. As media critic Howard Kurtz disclosed recently, the atheistic Mr. Turner's split from wife Jane Fonda appears to have at least in part been caused by the former's anti-religion jeremiads. Miss Fonda, it has been disclosed, has become a Christian an insuperable barrier for Mr. Turner to overcome. Mr. Kurtz writes that Mr. Turner traces the couples breakup to "her decision to start attending church services." Quoting Mr. Turner: "I had absolutely no warning about it … she just came home and said, 'Ive become a Christian. Thats a pretty big change for your wife of many years to tell you. Thats a shock. I mean, normally thats the kind of thing your wife or husband would discuss with you … obviously we werent communicating very well at the time."
Mr. Kurtz then quotes Jane Fonda: "He's my husband and I chose not to discuss it with him because he would have talked me out of it. He's a debating champion."
Mr. Turners skills as a "debating champion" on the subject of Christianity have manifested themselves in such brilliant observations as the supposition that Christianity is "for losers" and put-downs of Catholic co-workers for observing Ash Wednesday.
Mr. Turners comments and attitudinizing have cost him his job at AOL Time-Warner … and his wife. No small potatos, that. A bit more tolerance for the beliefs and sensibilities of others might make the former "Captain Outrageous" a tad more palatable. It might occur to him that pretending to have a lock on the received wisdom of the world, whether the subject area is politics or religion, is the mark of a small man no matter the size of his bank account, or the boundless boundaries of his ego.

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