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Liberty and morality
"History has taught us that freedom cannot long survive unless it is based on moral foundations. You can get the economics right, but in addition liberty must be cultivated as a moral quality. I like very much what John Adams, your second president, wrote in 1798: 'Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. That idea was right at the heart of your nations founding. The virtues prized in free countries are honesty, self-discipline, a sense of responsibility to ones family, a sense of loyalty to ones employer and staff, and a pride in the quality of ones work. And these virtues only flourish in a climate of freedom."
former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, from a Feb. 19 speech in Fort Myers, Fla., reprinted in the April issue of Imprimis

'Inspire action

"The Youth Manifesto, published by the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, is designed to 'meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people, according to the IPPF.
"Toward that end, the manifestos three goals include increased access to and information about sexual health services regardless of age; increased youth activism with regard to government policy, and the ability of youth to have 'pleasure and confidence in sexual activity.
"Also among the manifestos objectives is for society to 'recognize the right of all young people to enjoy sex and to express their sexuality in the way that they choose.
"The content of the Youth Manifesto is 'designed to inspire action and discussion among young people and those working with them.
"The IPPF states it 'strongly believes that it is young people themselves who really know about what matters to them and that they should be allowed space to express themselves.
"According to the IPPF, the Youth Manifesto is based on 10 'core values, which include 'allowing young people to try things out, the freedom for youth to 'express our sexuality, and the premise of sexual activity as a means of 'having fun."
Scott Hogenson, writing on "Sex Manifesto Promotes 'Fun to Youth," Monday on Cybercast News Service at www.cnsnews.com

Mommy politics

"Rich folks and hyper-liberals are lazy. They want certain things done, but they dont want to do it on their own. So rather than start a midnight-basketball program, they want the government to start one. Rather than run a soup kitchen, they want the government to do it. Rather than buy rainforests with their own money, they want the government to simply seize them.
"What troubles me is that more and more Americans are starting to think this way.
"Another reason is that the rhetorical differences between the parties have blurred. Years ago, Chris Matthews dubbed the Democrats the 'Mommy Party and the Republicans the 'Daddy party. Democrats give goodies and say 'there, there and Republicans protect the home and tell people to get off their butts.
"Well, by blurring the lines between the Republicans and the Democrats, Bill Clinton made the Democrats, in effect, the unwed-mommy party. Government under the Democrats cared. It felt your pain. It worried about the stupid button-your-coat details, but it also said, 'Eat your spinach on taxes and entitlements; thus it appropriated a few of the typically Daddy-esque qualities of the Republicans.
"We still dont know how much mommyfication comes with compassionate conservatism, but be prepared."
Jonah Goldberg, writing on "The Taxman Stinketh," Monday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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