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Femme films
"Easter weekend emerged as the battle of the chick flicks. Universals 'Josie and the Pussycats will test the charms of Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson while Renee Zellweger will uncork her British accent in Miramaxs 'Bridget Joness Diary.
"Not too long ago, if you mentioned two female-driven films duking it out, youd hear yawns. Now the sound is ka-ching! his year has been a box office boon for movies toplined by women.
Why are so many 'ladies films doing so well? Some point to the rise in the number of women heading major studios who reject the corsets and teary story lines of traditional chick flicks for material with less passive womens roles. 'Theres a vast female audience eager to go to smart pictures, says Gabler. 'Theyre not weepies — theyre fun."
—Gillian Flynn, writing on "Chick Flick Chic," in the April 20 issue of Entertainment Weekly

Proud teen mom

"I was married before graduating from college, and I got pregnant on my honeymoon. Given all the news stories about 'teen-age moms and the 'teen pregnancy rate (always with negative connotations), I never know how people will react when they find out Im a teen-age mom.
"Christian teaching, in general, has followed the culture when it comes to practical advice on when to start a family.
"We live in a culture of immaturity, where grown men drive around in convertibles with stereos blasting Britney Spears, and where adult womens fashions are modeled after 14-year-olds. Christians are bound to soak up the values of the culture that surrounds them.
"Despite what you may read in the papers or hear on the nightly news, America does not have a 'teen pregnancy crisis. In reality, we have a crisis of children born outside of marriage — to parents of all ages and classes, from impoverished teen-agers to 50-year-old movie stars, who want the fun of sex without the responsibilities of marriage.
"Yes, I am among those contributing to the teen pregnancy rate. I would encourage other responsible young Christians to do the same. Women, these are the best years of your life to have a baby (ages 18-27 are when your body is at its peak for childbearing, and having your first child during these years significantly reduces your risk of breast cancer). Men, why not channel your youth and energy into something with profound eternal value?"
—Bethany Torode, writing on "Confessions of a Teenage Mom," in Boundless at www.boundless.org

Fighting for home

"Many Confederate soldiers thought of the war as 'the Second War for American Independence. A Texas cavalryman told his sister in a letter that just as earlier Americans had 'rebelled against King George to establish Liberty and freedom in this western world so we dissolved our alliance with this oppressive foe and are now enlisted in The Holy Cause of Liberty and Independence again.
"An Alabama infantryman wrote his mother, 'If the mere imposition of a tax could raise such tumult , what should be the result of the terrible system of oppression instituted by the Yankees?
"Another theme in these letters was that many Confederates believed (and rightly so) that they were fighting to defend their property and families from a hostile invading army.
"Union soldiers did not believe they were fighting to end slavery but to 'preserve the Union. 'We are fighting for the Union a high and noble sentiment, but after all a sentiment, wrote an Illinois officer, 'They are fighting for independence and are animated by passion and hatred against invaders."
—Thomas J. DiLorenzo, writing on "Libertarians and the Confederate Battle Flag," Thursday at www.lewrockwell.com

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