- The Washington Times - Friday, April 27, 2001

Feminist vanguard
"Millions of unwed mothers serve as a vanguard for the socialist goal of radical feminists. They have freed themselves from the phallocentric domination of men, needing no husband but only the collectivist government. For them socialism is here now. And, as Sister Souljah was made a nonperson for daring to say, having been separated from a stable relationship with men these women are now available for a variety of uses and predations by feminist leaders… .
"Dan Quayle was scorned, of course, for denouncing the depiction of single motherhood in the fictional character 'Murphy Brown, a wealthy media star who viewed having a baby sans husband as 'just another lifestyle choice. A cover story in the Atlantic Monthly would later proclaim that 'Dan Quayle Was Right. And now, as columnist Joseph Perkins notes, the cover story on the latest issue of US magazine celebrates 'The New Single Moms, among them … 'Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart, Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster, and co-star of ABCs 'The Practice, Camryn Manheim. All are wealthy media stars choosing single motherhood not in fiction but in fact. The social stigma associated with this is all but gone.
"Singer and actress Madonna, after two out-of-wedlock babies, did wed again. She had roused feminist fury years ago with her song 'Papa Dont Preach, in which she portrayed an unmarried girl who refused to abort her baby. Roughly as many babies are aborted each year in America as are born out of wedlock, about 1.3 million."
—Lowell Ponte, writing on "Illegitimocracy," in FrontPage at www.frontpagemag.com

Unpatriotic elite

"Post-national elites in Europe and America tell us that we have no alternative to accepting continuing high levels of immigration, because we need immigrants to pay for our retirement and other entitlements… .
"Having thus elected a new people, the elites also propose to turn the traditional concept of assimilation on its head. America demonstrated in the past that immigrants could be successfully assimilated to an existing American cultural and political identity. What is now being attempted, however, is an assimilation of America (and other Western nations) into new cultural and political identities devised ad hoc to make the new arrivals feel at home. After all, we have to live with these people, dont we? So, we have to make room for their languages, culture, beliefs, and social practices; in order to do that effectively, we have to amend many of our own that they might find insensitive — hence multiculturalism, et cetera."
—John OSullivan writing on "Invasion of a Certain Kind," in the April 30 issue of National Review

No apologies

"My kids are 8, 5 and 4. You know, when they do something bad theyve gotta say Im sorry and they get spanked. But Bill Clinton never said, 'Im sorry. All we wanted to hear, very simple. We didnt want him kicked out of office, nobody wanted to give Republicans the satisfaction of winning that battle.
"All you wanted to hear was, 'Man, Im sorry. I saw it, I saw that chubby little Jenny Craig girl and I lost my mind. Thats all it would have taken.
"But instead — and this is the genius of Clinton, because the English language, with him, was this wonderful piece of clay that you could turn into anything. You know, the meaning of the word 'is. Whoa, theres a stumper. Wow. But then he later says that he went through the ordeal, why? What was the explanation? He did it to save the Constitution… I skipped class that day."
—Tony Snow, in an April 23 speech to the Wednesday Morning Club in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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