- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Sen. John McCain´s crusade to pass new laws to limit campaign contributions in an effort to reduce the influence of money on our political process will not work (“McCain´s reform measure survives,” March 30). The proposals, replete with limits on free speech, are truly frightening.

As always, the politicians are missing the true source of the problem. As long as government has the power to affect so much of our lives and force people and groups to do things that they otherwise would not do, that power will be bought.

Libertarians offer the only real solution to this problem: Remove that which is lusted for in the first place, government power. The 10th Amendment seriously limits the activities of the federal government, and if we followed it, politicians would not have the ability to run your life, special interests would have to persuade rather than use government force, and corporations would be beholden only to the wants and needs of the consumer.



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