- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 1, 2001

An employee at a Northwest hardware store yesterday said he made copies of keys for Chandra Ann Levy during the week she vanished.
"She said she wanted some keys made, and she would come back and pick them up later," said John Woodfolk, 60, an employee at Candey Hardware Store at 1210 18th St. NW. "I saw her later as I was leaving for lunch. She waved at me."
Mr. Woodfolk said he made the keys for Miss Levy possibly on May 1 or May 3 — which would have been as much as three days after the last reported sighting of Miss Levy at the Washington Sports Club on April 30.
The gym is at 1211 Connecticut Ave. NW, directly across the street from the hardware store.
Miss Levy and her keys were missing from her third-floor apartment at 1260 21st St. NW when police searched it on May 9 after her parents reported her missing. Police found partially packed bags, her wallet, credit cards , identification and cash. There was no appearance of foul play.
After studying files on her computer, police believe Miss Levy was surfing the internet on May 1.
Mr. Woodfolk said that he made the keys for Miss Levy on May 1 or afterwards.
"It wasn't Monday [April 30]. It had to be Tuesday [May 1] or Thursday [May 3]," he said yesterday while standing outside the hardware store.
He said he did not contact police about making keys for Miss Levy because he did not want to get involved. He said he told some other employees, and someone contacted the police, he said.
He said when he returned from his vacation Monday, the police contacted him. He met yesterday from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. with Metropolitan Police Detective Ralph Durant and FBI Special Agent Brad Garrett who are investigating Miss Levy's disappearance.
"They asked what kind of keys she wanted and what she wore. They were regular house keys. I don't remember what she wore," Mr. Woodfolk said.
Mr. Woodfolk said at first he did not recognize her as one of his customers until he saw a photograph on television with her hair up. He said the widely distributed photograph has her hair down.
"Her hair was back when she was in here," he said.
He said he could not remember how many keys he made for her or the types of keys. He said since she would pick them up later he had her put them in a small paper bag and put her name on the outside of the bag and she could pick them up later.
"I remember she wrote 'Levy.' I remembered that name after I saw the picture with her hair back," he said.
Much of the police investigation into the missing-persons case has focused on Rep. Gary Condit, California Democrat, who admitted to police that he had an affair with the 24-year-old former federal Bureau of Prisons intern. But they said there is no evidence linking the 53-year-old congressman to her disappearance.
Yesterday, an aide to Mr. Condit filed a report with police that an Associated Press free-lance photographer got into a scuffle Monday evening with the congressman.
Mr. Condit and Mike Dayton were leaving Mr. Condit's apartment in the 2600 block of Adams Mill Road NW when he ran into Stephen J. Boitano, 35, of Stratford, Conn., about 4:25 p.m. Monday. A police report filed by Mr. Dayton said Mr. Boitano rushed forward to take photographs of Mr. Condit, and the two men collided.
Also yesterday, the FBI determined that a Modesto minister's claims that his daughter had an affair with Mr. Condit were false. The Washington Post and the Modesto Bee reported that Otis "O.C." Thomas said his daughter Jennifer had an affair with Mr. Condit.
The FBI has determined the story was fabricated.
"We've concluded that the allegations made by O.C. Thomas are unfounded," FBI spokesman Chris Murray said Tuesday.
Mr. Thomas said he told Susan Levy, Miss Levy's mother, in April about the affair to comfort her. Mr. Thomas was a gardener to the Levy family and is a Pentecostal minister in the Condits' hometown of Ceres, Calif.
Mr. Thomas acknowledged in an interview Sunday with The Washington Post that he made up the story. The fabrication began in April, when Susan Levy told him Chandra was having an affair with an older man Mrs. Levy now believes was Mr. Condit.
"I just figured I would try to comfort her a bit," he said. "I just dug a hole I could not get out of. I can't really explain something like that."

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