- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 16, 2001

Jesse Jackson's shakedown of Toyota is a new development. Previously, Mr. Jackson's shakedown targets were "white" corporations. Toyota, however, is an Oriental company. Under U.S. civil rights regulations and definitions, Orientals are a "preferred minority" entitled to preferences to compensate for past discrimination. In shaking down Toyota, Mr. Jackson has shaken down a "minority-owned" business.

Of course, racial categorization of publicly owned corporations makes no sense as the shareholders include people of many races. The real issue is extortion. Imagine a white guy trying to shake down Toyota. He would be immediately arrested by the authorities. But the authorities help Mr. Jackson.

For years the only function of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (sic) has been to help "preferred minorities" shake down businesses. During the Clinton administration, President Bush's present economic adviser, Larry Lindsey, teamed up with Mr. Jackson and Assistant Attorney General Deval Patrick to force financial institutions to give blacks mortgages at below-market interest rates and to pay a portion of the required down payment.

All sorts of false charges were made against the banks, which had done nothing but treat blacks the same way they treated whites. People with good credit got loans; those judged to be too big a risk were turned down. The fact that a larger percentage of white applicants than blacks got loans reflected nothing but the fact that a larger percentage of whites had good credit.

This ordinary business fact was purposely misconstrued by the gang of extortionists who alleged banks were favoring whites and discriminating against blacks. Larry Lindsey could not be an economist and fail to understand that banks don't turn down good loans because of skin color. A bank that turned down a creditworthy black customer in order to lend to a high-risk white customer would not long be in business.

Nevertheless, Larry Lindsey, a member of the Federal Reserve Board at that time, used the power of his office to block bank mergers until the banks gave in to the extortion.

What kind of precedent was established when the Department of Justice (sic) and the Federal Reserve used threats and force to coerce banks to give in to extortion? Is extortion now part of the civil rights law that the Justice Department (sic) enforces?

What the Justice Department (sic) has been enforcing for many years is privilege for "preferred minorities." What white group other than the League of Disabled Transvestites (a preferred minority) could enlist the Department of Justice (sic) and the Federal Reserve Board in a successful extortion of banks?

What does Mr. Jackson's shakedown of Toyota say about America? It says the American public and its government no longer regard extortion as a crime if it is an activity practiced on behalf of preferred minorities in the name of civil rights.

Why then should bank robbery be a crime for preferred minorities? Why should a preferred minority have to rely on Jesse Jackson and the Justice Department (sic) to effect the income transfer for him? Why shouldn't he be allowed to rob the bank himself?

Why should rape or murder be a crime so long as it is preferred minorities who are raping and murdering whites? Since Mr. Jackson and his U.S. government allies are extorting businesses to make up for the sins of the past, why shouldn't blacks be allowed to rape white women to pay back those slave owners of old who took advantage of their female properties? What's wrong even with blacks murdering whites? I mean, after all, in the past some blacks were lynched.

Preferred minorities are already beginning to see things this way. Earlier this year in Seattle and in Cincinnati bands of blacks screaming "kill whitey" brutally attacked whites. In French cities and in Australia nonwhite immigrants have taken up the practice of gang-raping white girls as young as 13. Racial motives for the rapes are clear. In France it is part of gang initiation to inflict humiliation on whitey. The Australian Sun-Herald reports 70 racially motivated gang rapes by non-white immigrants in which humiliation of the white girl is the motive for the attacks.

The feeling is growing among preferred minorities that their racial privileges are pulling ahead of whitey's "hegemonic law." On Aug. 8 Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, South Dakota Democrat, boosted these feelings when he told Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition/Operation PUSH annual convention that "unequal outcomes are not equal protection." Mr. Daschle said he will use the power of his Senate office to ensure equal economic outcomes.

Mr. Daschle has made explicit the Democratic Party's view that equality of opportunity and the equal protection clause of the Constitution favor whites and must be abandoned in favor of unequal protection for whites in order to achieve equal outcomes for preferred minorities. Class-based communism is dead in Russia, but race-based communism is alive and well in the Democratic Party.

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