- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2001

Before the most current of the continuous Arab uprisings, Israel spun out high-tech inventions, was renowned for its hospitals and its museums, danced, prayed, made love a lot, built and expanded universities, traded around the world and really did make the desert bloom and water flow.
Its image was creativity, made even more admirable because all the while the country fought off armed attack on it by organized international Arab terrorism… .
Now, still under attack more murderous as time passes, Israel goes on doing creating every day; inventors are allowed to think even on the Sabbath. Under constant terrorist attack that has become the critical Arab strategy to destroy Israel, it remains a country striving to improve its economic and scientific structure with the resources the war leaves to it.
No other country has ever accomplished this while the flesh of its children was being torn from their bones by suicidal killers sent into the streets and made heroes by their political and religious leaders.
Every other country I can think of would by now have totally wiped out the terrorist movement killing within its borders. Instead, the United States and other foreign countries mew complaints about the Israelis committing such "atrocities" as tearing down the Jerusalem building Arabs made an illegal foreign office inside Israel — without spilling blood.
The punishment to Israel for defending itself instead of committing suicide to satisfy the Arabs is that more than ever it is being diligently painted, East and West, near and far, as a merciless monster murdering children and pregnant women, seizing the land that under earthly justice and God belong to their neighbors. It is a portrait of a loathsome creature knowing his end would be hell and terrified of his inescapable destiny.
The success in defiling Israel is a powerful weapon produced by the Palestinians and their allies since they began the drive to eliminate the state of Israel after it was recognized by the U.N. more than a half-century ago.
But the news this time is the vilification has not worked among Israeli Jews, a central target. They go on working and creating as they are attacked and forced to retaliate. Their energy to draw hope, and hope from life and their nation is a miracle of determination.
For the decades he has been in power, the propaganda victory Palestinians achieved abroad was in large part due to Yasser Arafat and the hate industry of the Arab states.
A major part of that apparatus have been Muslim clergy, who have been reaching for minds and power by vilifying Jews, not just Israel, with hideous noises of the passion of hate not heard since Adolf Hitler.
I haven't the stomach today to pluck more than a recent one from the stench of their files, contributed by Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi at a mosque in Gaza:
"Blessings to whoever saved a bullet to stick it in a Jew's head."
Also important, mostly self important, were those Israeli, European and U.S. Jews who led in the push to appeasement, the road to national extinction. I do not know what motivates them. Jews don't much care any more.
Martin Indyk, who served as U.S. ambassador to Israel, writes from his present oblivion that peace cannot arrive unless Israelis and Palestinians again urge Mr. Arafat to "confront" the terrorists. From Israel and U.S. Jews comes a huge helping of scorn.
Israel remains Israel — worship, invention, night clubs, love, theaters, science and commerce that are magnets for foreign investors, concerts, and the weapons to defend themselves if they keep the right leadership.
Late last year, Barbara Amiel wrote this in the Daily Telegraph of London:
"British Jews should not be ashamed of our Israeli brethren for their actions. They are a people that face up to their moral responsibilities, and indeed their flaws with as much honor any people in history."
Amen. Jews need more pride, because in life it was so often taken away from them by the kind of people who organize Palestinian lynch mobs.
One day there will be peace, a distant day when murder of Jews because they are Jews is the depth of crime, not the height of religious glory for the killers and their parents.

A.M. Rosenthal, the former executive editor of the New York Times, is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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