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Mean Green

"The Clintonites can't be blamed for all of today's energy problems. A deeper obstruction has been Americans' increasingly powerful and unbending environmental movement. Trumpeting mankind's rape of air, water, trees, wetlands, tundra, mudflats, unusual weeds, fairy shrimp, moths, you-name-it, Green activists have over the last three decades erected high roadblocks that obstruct energy production and distribution at nearly every turn. …

"Environmentalists continued to oppose building new power plants, even if they burned gas. They fought the laying of any new gas pipelines, and mobilized against proposals to drill for fresh gas supplies, especially offshore. …

"America is faced with a growing population, rising energy needs, an increasingly inadequate system of energy distribution, and environmentalist and NIMBY ('Not in My Back Yard') forces powerful enough to stave off meaningful energy-supply modernizations.

"All resulting in skyrocketing consumer and business costs, power trauma on the left coast, California-style shortages looming in … other parts of the country, and seemingly no one willing to address the issue beyond yammering for price controls and other government-mandated Band-Aids."

Karina Rollins in "Energy Crunch Replay" in the September issue of the American Enterprise

The big lie, again

"The anti-Semitic propaganda that circulates in such abundance in the Arab world draws its energy in large part from the technique of the 'big lie' that is, the insistent assertion of outrageous falsehoods about Israel or the Jews, the more outrageous the better. …

"A columnist in Egypt's government-sponsored Al-Akhbar … expressed his 'thanks to Hitler, of blessed memory, who on behalf of Palestinians took revenge in advance on the most vile criminals on the face of the earth.' …

"The effect of this relentless vilification is not difficult to discern. In the Arab world, Israel has been transformed into a diabolical abstraction, not a country at all, but a malignant force embodying every possible negative attribute — aggressor, usurper, sinner, occupier, corrupter, infidel, murderer, barbarian. … The uncomplicated sentiment produced by these caricatures is neatly captured by the latest hit song in Cairo, Damascus, and East Jerusalem. Its title: 'I Hate Israel.'"

Fiamma Nirenstein, writing on "How Suicide Bombers Are Made," in the September issue of Commentary

A full-time job

"Last week, Rep. Gary Condit, California Democrat, blew his interview with ABC's Connie Chung and missed a big opportunity to begin rebuilding his tarnished reputation. …

"What bothers me, however, is the presumption … that this is not about sex. The conventional wisdom is: If he really didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of Washington intern Chandra Levy — and had not impeded the investigation by lying to cover up an affair and if he would just come clean — then, there is no harm, no foul.

"Let's get real here. Of course, this is about sex. If it had not been for sex, there would have been no intimate friendship between a 24-year-old intern and a 53-year-old congressman. What possibly could they have in common? …

"What if it could be proven — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that he had nothing to do with Ms. Levy's disappearance? What then? We already have learned that this guy can't be trusted. Apparently, he did more than break the most serious vow a man makes in his life — he made adultery an avocation.

"In fact, if all the women who allegedly had affairs with this man and have been interviewed by the D.C. police are telling the truth, this represents a lot of work. It is tantamount to his having another full-time job."

Jane Chastain, writing on "It is about sex," Tuesday in World Net Daily at www.world netdaily.com

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