- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Paid in blood
"More Americans died in the Civil War than in all other wars involving Americans combined. John Brown had said that the sin of slavery made it necessary to 'purge this land with blood.' More than 350,000 Americans lost their lives in the northern armies that vanquished the slave power. Was this not a form of atonement?
"When the economic and human costs of the war are added up, much if not all of the national wealth said to have been accumulated through slavery was spent or destroyed in the war that ended it. Retribution was ruthlessly exacted on the South.
"More than half of the South's farm machinery was wrecked by the war, two-fifths of its livestock were slaughtered, and one-quarter of its white males of military age were killed.
"The war destroyed 60 percent of Southern wealth.
"These historical realities completely refute the reparations claims that slavery was never confronted and a price was never paid. The Civil War was indeed a second American Revolution."
David Horowitz, from his new book, "Uncivil Wars"

Outside the bounds
"What was new on September 11 was not so much a matter of intelligent conceptual design or clever tactics. What was new was the conflation of terrorism and war, the perpetration, by individuals, of monumental destruction against a target populated exclusively by civilians. Yes, the world had seen massive civilian casualties even deliberate civilian casualties. The carpet bombing of Coventry; the annihilation of Dresden or Nagasaki. But these were different: they were regrettable, in some cases indefensible, but they were acts by states in formal conflicts in which war had been declared. They weren't massacres of civilians without warning or outside a conventional conflict between states.
"In contrast, on September 11, we were initiated into the concept of mass civilian slaughter outside the bounds of declared war. The worst suicide bombings we had previously had to face were minuscule by comparison. They were designed to create maximal terror with minimal bloodshed. The attacks of September 11 were designed to create maximal terror with maximal bloodshed: military-scale devastation, without any official military involvement."
Andrew Sullivan, writing on "The Dumb Idea of September 11," in the Dec. 9 issue of the New York Times Magazine

Johnny and Chandra
"About John Walker Lindh, the 20-year-old American who converted to Islam and is presumed to have fought alongside the Taliban, there is an overlooked angle: the parallel with Chandra Levy, who disappeared amid questions about her relationship with Rep. Gary Condit. And not coincidentally, they came from homes in which they received from their parents the same unfortunate message. Chandra's father is sort of Jewish while her mother is a sort of Buddhist. Johnny's mother is also sort of a Buddhist while his father is sort of Catholic.
"Here is the message their parents sent to them: 'Yes, your father and I agree on all the important things in life, like where to vacation and how to decorate the house. But on less important matters having to do with beliefs and values, for instance religion we don't mind disagreeing.' A son like Johnny or a daughter like Chandra never saw modeled for them, by a parent, what it means to have strong convictions about ultimate questions.
"They never knew the difference between sham convictions and authentic ones. Thus children grow up dangerously vulnerable to strong personalities (Gary Condit) or strong religions (Islam), gurus and other substitutes for what they never got at home. Johnny and Chandra were defenseless. Now you know why the Torah places tremendous stress on making sure that a husband and wife profess the same religion."
Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition, in a Dec. 7 press release

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