- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 20, 2001

The Arlington County Police Department this week began allowing residents to fill out criminal incident reports over the Internet.
With the click of a mouse, victims of less serious crimes can fill out a police report on the Web instead of telephoning it in or waiting to speak to an officer in person.
"One thing that frustrates citizens more than anything else is for them to have to call the department and have to wait for a response," said Dottie Stepp, president of the county's Crime Prevention Council.
Three theft reports had been made through the department's Web site by late Tuesday, the first day the service was available.
People using the site are asked to choose from a range of crimes, including simple assault, destruction of property, theft, fraud or threatening and harassing phone calls. They are then led through other questions asking for details, including the location, time, suspects involved and weather conditions.
"We try to get away from the police jargon," said Capt. Dave Herbstreit, who developed the system.



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