- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 23, 2001

It's hard to decide which is more stunning, the Redskins' five-game winning streak after an 0-5 start or the Wizards' eight-game winning streak after a 2-9 start.

Probably the Redskins' turnaround at this point. But if the Wizards keep rolling and make the playoffs .

The NFL Experience, the league's interactive theme park, has added a new attraction for the upcoming Super Bowl beer bottle throwing.

I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided that Marty Schottenheimer is the football equivalent of John Chaney.<.

In case you were wondering: Had the Browns and Jaguars not finished their game last Sunday, it wouldn't have been the first time that had happened in the NFL. In 1964, in fact, the Browns didn't complete two games in a row the regular-season finale against the Giants (in New York) and the title game against the Colts (in Cleveland).
The Giants game was called after the Browns' last touchdown when the crowd stormed the field. Cleveland, already ahead, 52-20, didn't even bother to attempt the extra point. The championship game ended with 26 seconds left and the Browns leading the Colts, 27-0 again because the crowd descended on the field, this time tearing down the goal posts.

So don't start talking to me about the fans being worse than ever. They aren't worse than ever. They just get more TV coverage, that's all.

There were some bad feelings at the end of that '64 title game, by the way. Seems Frank Ryan, the Browns' Ph.D. quarterback, didn't want to stop the contest early; he wanted to try for another touchdown. (Cleveland had the ball at the Baltimore 16.) Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti didn't take too kindly to this and vowed revenge in the Pro Bowl two weeks later. He made good on his promise in the third quarter, knocking Ryan out with a separated shoulder.
Frank was never the same after that.

Ah, those were the days.

Speaking of 1964, that was the year the Redskins traded Norm Snead to the Eagles for Sonny Jurgensen. This week's trivia question: Though it tends to be forgotten, two other players were involved in that trade. Who were they? (Answer later in column.)

The oddsmakers must not be too impressed with the Maryland football team. The Terps are the biggest underdogs of the college bowl season a whopping 16 points for their game against Florida. Think Ralph Friedgen might mention that to his players a time or two between now and Jan. 2?

News item: NCAA puts Marshall on four years' probation and takes away scholarships in football and basketball.
Comment: In other words, the Thundering Herd has been court-Marshalled.

How many points did Marshall and East Carolina put up the other night in the GMAC Bowl, 125? Heck, that's more than were scored in the four major bowls combined in 1970. The results from that year:
Rose USC 10, Michigan 3.
Sugar Mississippi 27, Arkansas 22.
Orange Penn State 10, Missouri 3.
Cotton Texas 21, Notre Dame 17.
Total points: 113.
Answer to trivia question: The Redskins also sent defensive back Claude Crabb to Philly in the Jurgensen/Snead swap and got DB Jimmy Carr in return.

It just gets worse for "former Notre Dame coach" George O'Leary. We now find out he took some correspondence courses for his master's degree from Azusa Pacific.

I guess he got wait-listed at Whatsamatta U.

His attorney, Jack Reale, says O'Leary is "guilty [mostly] of vanity. And that kind of vanity is no different than the kind of vanity where somebody gets a hair transplant, a boob job, builds a bigger house than they deserve because they're trying to make themselves feel good. He never did any of that kind of stuff. He wasn't that showy.

Good to know George's boobs are real.

Reale also maintained that O'Leary embellished his academic credentials "because of insecurity from being a Central Islip [N.Y.] boy who [was] now working … among the Ph.D.'s and the chemists."
Yeah, sure, Jack. It was all just an Islip of the hand.

I love spin control. I live for spin control.

The best idea I've heard is that O'Leary should take a year off and finish his master's.
He has some football eligibility left, too, if I'm not mistaken.

These are anxious times for Colorado coach Gary Barnett. The same police department that's looking into rape accusations against some of the Buffs is also handling the JonBenet Ramsey investigation.

Imagine how much the Red Sox would have been worth if they had won the World Series in the last, oh, 83 years.

Just as Cal Ripken's Iron Man record will probably never be broken, Chick Hearn's streak of broadcasting 3,338 consecutive Lakers games which ended last week when he underwent heart surgery figures to last a millennium or two.

Interestingly, the most entertaining game Chick ever called came before the streak. The date "was Dec. 8, 1961," he says in "Tall Tales," Terry Pluto's equally entertaining oral history of the NBA's glory years, and "Wilt [then playing for the Philadelphia Warriors] scored 78 and Elgin Baylor had 63. The Warriors jumped out to a 15-0 lead in Philadelphia before about 4,000 fans. But the Lakers came back and turned it into one of the greatest games ever triple overtime, and the Lakers won, 151-147. I remember all the numbers Wilt scored 78 on 31-for-62 from the field, and he had 43 rebounds. I said 43 rebounds, in case you missed it. Elgin had 63 points and he had 31 rebounds, and Elgin was only 6-foot-5 for God's sake. This was also one of those games that haunted Wilt. People would say, 'Yes, he scored 78, but Wilt's team lost.' Going into the game, Elgin had the NBA scoring record with 71, so Wilt broke it. But afterward, I was talking to Elgin about the record. He took a puff on his cigarette and said, 'Hey, don't worry about it. The big fella is going to get 100 one night real soon.'.

It's early, I know, but Duke's Mike Dunleavy Jr. could very well be the best basketball player ever fathered by an NBA coach.

Of course, the competition isn't all that keen. I mean, outside of Jan van Breda Kolff and Danny Schayes, have any other coaches' kids have even made it to the NBA?

And finally, Barry Bonds is taking a big chance going to arbitration. What if the arbitrator awards him the Montreal Expos or the Minnesota Twins?

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