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Clintonian humor

"Meanwhile, down in SoHo, Bill Clinton and [former Nebraska Sen.] Bob Kerrey had dinner at a trendy Italian restaurant, and soon there were published reports that had the former president loudly telling jokes about lesbians to the dismay of his dining companions.

"Given the way Mr. Clinton's post-White House career has been going, this might have been regarded as pretty much par for the course. But Bob Kerrey rode to the rescue, sort of. Mr. Kerrey … said that he and Mr. Clinton had been reminiscing about running against each other for the presidential nomination in 1992.

"In particular, Mr. Kerrey said, he had reminded Mr. Clinton about the time they swapped ribald jokes at a political event, in which C-SPAN's microphones caught only Mr. Kerrey's voice.

" 'He told me a lesbian joke and I told him one in response. They couldn't understand him and I was clear as a bell,' said the former senator. 'So we were laughing about that. It's a lot funnier now than it was when we were in it.'

"The moral here is that nothing is off the record in New York. And that a trendy restaurant in SoHo is not a good place to take a walk down memory lane toward the lesbian-joke incident."

Gail Collins, writing on "Elba on the Hudson," in Friday's New York Times

What's in, out

"Out: Renaissance Weekend; In: Bohemian Grove.

Out: The Rev. Jesse Jackson; In: The Rev. Billy Graham.

Out: Nora Restaurant at Dupont Circle; In: Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church.

Out: Late nights; In: Naps.

Out: Feminism; In: Tradition.

Out: Barbra Streisand; In: Faith Hill.

Out: Progressive Policy Institute; In: American Policy Institute.

Out: Ford Mustang; In: Chevy Suburban.

Out: It takes a village; In: Leave no child behind.

Out: James Carville; In: Mary Matalin.

Out: I didn't inhale; In: I was young and irresponsible.

Out: Lip-biting; In: Smirks.

Out: Empathy; In: Humility.

Out: Golfing; In: Fishing.

Megan Twohey in "The Ins and Outs of Washington" in the Jan. 13 National Journal

More powerful

"One of the perennial images people have of members of the buster and millennial generations is that they are arrogant, self-centered, emotionally fragile sluggards who either are unwilling or unable to make deep and lasting commitments … .

"But there are at least two sides to every story, and the nearly 2,000 young people who spent part of a week in July 1998 fasting, praying, worshipping, weeping and seeking God's will for their lives don't fit the slacker image.

"Summer events for Christian kids often challenge them to make commitments. But at this conference, hundreds of young people were volunteering to turn a blind eye to the ever-present temptations of the flesh, or even saying yes to service in a foreign country where Christians are routinely persecuted or killed… .

"Nicole Sacks, 17, [said] the kids she knows desperately want to believe in and commit themselves to something. 'Young people are either going to be Satanists or vampires or New Agers or Christians,' said the Phoenix teen-ager. 'If they could only see that God was more powerful than everything else, they would go with that.' "

Colorado Springs author Steve Rabey in his new book, "In Search of Authentic Faith"

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