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Culture war forever

"After the Republican lovefest in Philadelphia, with Pat Buchanan gone and social conservatism invisible, the culture war was supposed to be finished. But ever since the appearance of that blue-red map of the Gore and Bush nations, the persistence of our social divide has become inescapable… .

"Gay Day at Disney World, the failure of William Bennett to make a dent in Hollywood, and the tepid public reaction to Madonna's out-of-wedlock child all were taken as signs that the Right had finally lost the cultural battle… .

"Virtually all of the incidents that sparked the Left's declaration of victory in the culture war have in fact had conservative sequels. Eventually, Madonna got married. There may be a Gay Day at Disney World, but the reaction against civil unions in Vermont gives an idea of just how easily a radicalized gay-rights agenda can move blue-collar Democrats into the Republican camp… .

"So, the culture wars won't end. With the old consensus broken, but with nothing coherent available to replace it, we're doomed to swing between two unachievable cultural poles. The public is up for grabs."

Stanley Kurtz, writing on "Push-Pull," in the March 5 issue of National Review

Catholics for what?

"The belief that all human beings are made in God's image stands as one of the core tenets of the Catholic faith and finds itself reflected in Catholic-oriented philanthropy.

"You might be surprised to find a private foundation with Catholic interests supporting an organization that advocates abortion… . I have not found one of them doing this.

"How then is it that Catholics For a Free Choice, ostensibly a religious organization, enjoys a yearly avalanche of grant support from private foundations? Supporters of CFFC include the Ford, MacArthur, Rockefeller, Public Welfare, William and Flora Hewlett, David and Lucile Packard and Buffet foundations.

"A review of major grants … show an organization without a single major supporter whose program focus is Catholic philanthropy …

"By giving to CFFC, [these foundations] show that their only use for religious belief is as a wedge a means to advance an ideological agenda under the guise of religious dissent. American foundations are free to continue to advance whatever cause they choose… . But chipping away at the trust and confidence Americans have traditionally placed in their religious institutions is no way to advance a cause."

Francis J. Butler writing on "CFFC and Truth in Advocacy," in the January/February issue of Philanthropy

Bolshevik schools

"In their drive to consolidate power over Russia, Lenin's Bolsheviks sought to use the government school system to seize control of the children. 'We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families … from the first days of their lives they will be under the healthy influence of Communist children's nurseries and schools,' Soviet educators were told at a 1918 conference.

"In 2001, American state and municipal executives of both major parties agree with the socialist nostrum that the school, not the home, should be the central institution in the upbringing of children.

" 'The newest educational mantra may as well be: Never let them leave the building,' reported the Jan. 10 New York Times. 'Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York wants Saturday classes. The state's governor, George E. Pataki, says students should stay in school until after dark. And in California, Gov. Gray Davis plans to tack 30 days onto the academic year stretching it by 17 percent for middle-school students fallen behind in an era of mounting expectations.'

"These statements are typical of proposals that have littered recent … speeches by governors and mayors."

from "The American Educational Soviet," in the Feb. 26 issue of the New American

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