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Assisted mutilation

"The body of homicide victim Joseph Tushkowski underwent 'a bizarre mutilation,' proclaimed Oakland County, Mich., medical examiner L.J. Dragovic. According to autopsy findings … the mutilators crudely ripped out his kidneys without bothering to remove the dead man's clothes… .

"Jack Kevorkian helped commit this despicable and gruesome act. He admitted it proudly in a news conference, held shortly after the deed, during which he and his lawyer offered Tushkowski's organs for transplant, 'first come, first served.' …

"As described in his 1991 book 'Prescription Medicide,' organ harvesting from assisted suicide victims was the second step in Kevorkian's three-step plan. The first, to make assisted suicide seem routine, succeeded. The second phase was to harvest organs from assisted suicide victims and offer them for use in transplants in order to make the voluntary killing of despairing, disabled and sick people seem beneficial to society thus the Tushkowski grotesquerie. The third and ultimate goal … would have been to use assisted suicide victims as living 'subjects' in human experimentation: in other words, human vivisection."

Wesley J. Smith, from his new book, "The Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America"

Custom-made people?

"Clearly the cloning issue has attracted public attention and there is a widespread public sentiment to ban this practice. Because of our failure to immediately capture the support of public sentiment, human cloning is now allowed in Britain. Many other countries may soon follow suit in an effort to keep up with the cutting edge of biotechnology.

"Now is the time to act, before the public grows accustomed to the thought of therapeutic cloning and inevitability of custom engineered human embryos. Once the common sense of the masses is dulled, it will become increasingly difficult to muster the political will to reverse the current trend… .

"Among other ideas, eugenicists have proposed (a) the cloning of organ donors who would be mutilated or destroyed for the benefit of others, (b) the genetic creation of a human-animal hybrid race that could serve as a slave race, (c) the custom design of specialized human beings with gene sequences that make them better suited for combat situations or dangerous environments, (d) the design of a genetically 'superior' super-race, (e) the elimination of genetically distinct groups of human beings who are genetically 'inferior,' … The issues at hand are far too important to be left to the confines of obscure academic journals that have no binding force on the eugenicists' grand schemes for reshaping humanity."

David Reardon, director of the Elliot Institute, in a Jan. 29 press release

'Toons on TV

"Now … it's Saturday morning all the time. Where once there were three commercial broadcast networks filling just a few hours a week with children's shows, a generation later there are at least four entire cable networks dedicated to children Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox Family and the Cartoon Network… .

"So has the destruction of the Saturday morning ghetto brought enlightenment and happiness, with the ready availability of old favorites like 'Scooby-Doo' and 'Popeye' and smart new programming that has produced 'Rugrats' and 'One Saturday Morning'? Or were we better off when commercialized kiddie culture was contained on Saturdays, leaving the rest of the week to the clever, responsible people in public television?

"The answers to these questions are highly subjective and possibly depend most on whether you are a child or a parent… .

"Certainly for many children, being in Television Land whether on Saturday morning or not feels like an exile, not a refuge."

Julie Salamon, writing on "It's Always Saturday on TV," in Friday's New York Times

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